College-in-Prison Reentry Initiative, funded by the District Attorney, New York County (DANY) as part of the State of New York’s Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII)

The College-in-Prison Reentry Initiative aims to help qualifying inmates earn college degrees, support successful reentry into the community, and reduce recidivism with educational programing and reentry services at 17 NYS prisons. Funding supports both new programs and the expansion of existing programs, as well as evaluation, oversight and research, quality assurance (aligning course and degree requirements across initiative programs), strengthened articulation and transfer agreements, and developing standard for prison education statewide.

Expanding College Opportunities for Incarcerated Persons through the State University of New York, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

SUNY’s Mellon Foundation funded initiative, Expanding College Opportunities for Incarcerated Persons is aimed at creating a more coherent, transparent, accessible, and educationally effective system of college-in-prison (CIP) programs within New York. The project will support the development of individual programs within SUNY while establishing statewide functions that contribute to program performance. The ultimate aim of the project is to use SUNY’s considerable assets to create a larger, more visible, more effective system of college-in-prison programs—programs that provide full opportunities to eligible and motivated incarcerated persons to enroll in, continue through, and complete valuable degree or certificate granting programs. 


Why does SUNY Matter?