Title F Leaves

Appointment - Title F Leaves

Delegation of Authority to Campuses Memo from Brian Stenson

October 9, 2001

To: Presidents, State-Operated Campuses

From: Brian T. Stenson

Subject: Extended Sick and Professional Leave

At the September 25, 2001 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board approved final rule making changes to the Policies of the Board which allow campus presidents, instead of the Chancellor, to approve certain types of extended sick leave and leaves of absence for academic and professional staff (Title F).

As part of our effort to provide campuses greater authority for certain transactions, you are no longer required to submit Form UP-3 to System Administration for the Chancellor's approval of extended sick leave and professional leave with pay. These actions are being delegated to campus presidents for final approval effective October 11, 2001. Campuses should continue to complete Form UP-3 and maintain an approved copy in campus personnel files. Additionally, a copy of the approved requests should be submitted to the Office of University-wide Human Resources, for information purposes.

The Chancellor reserves the right to require a campus to submit all leave requests for his approval when he deems it in the best interest of the University. If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact Curtis Lloyd, Director of University-wide Human Resources at (518) 443-5192.

Copy: Chancellor King
Mr. Miller
Mr. O'Connor
Mr. Lloyd
Campus Business Officers
Campus Human Resource Directors

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