T.H. Medical Radiographer III (SL1)

T.H. Medical Radiographer III (SL1)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

The overall responsibilities of the positions in the Radiography job family collectively are to provide radiographic support services to medical staff in the areas of Diagnostics, Ultrasound, CT Scanning, Special Procedures, Nuclear Medicine and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Incumbents who enter this job family in the subspecialty of Diagnostician must have knowledge of all general radiographic procedures, including some special procedure techniques, such as myelograms, venograms, O.R. work, Cysto work and portable work. They are required to apply this knowledge by being able to use independent judgement or action under most adverse conditions and in emergencies, perform quality patient care using quickwork techniques, applying radiation in proper dosages with appropriate protective devices, performing darkroom work and alternative X-omat processing.

All technologists in this title must know the limitations of equipment to properly care for same, understand and adhere to departmental operational procedures, policies and quality control standards that include maintaining contamination-free patient service areas, the proper disposal of contaminated waste, proper safety precautions to be adhered to in servicing patients, maintain appropriate records and supply inventories.

Following successful completion of training, certification in the subspecialty, technologists provide instruction to students and physicians when necessary, and participates in subspecialty studies. Positions at this level work under close supervision receiving assignments, seeking assistance as needed and consulting with supervisors on their completed work project.

Preferred Qualifications:

AAS, NYS and AART registry or certification in subspecialty and zero to two years experience.

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