T.H. Clinical Tech Services Anesthesia Specialist

T.H. Clinical Technical Services Anesthesia Specialist (SL3)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

The incumbents in positions in this family are responsible for set-up, maintenance, calibration, and participation in operative procedures including assistance in the administration of anesthesia.

Under general supervision, incumbent is responsible for set-up, calibration and maintenance of anesthesia equipment, prioritizing the usage of such equipment. Assists Anesthesiologists in performing complex special procedures, administration of anesthesia. Monitors patient response and troubleshoots during operative procedures. Performs capnogaphs, invasive physiologic monitoring, such as arterial CVP, PA, pulse oximetry; fiber optic instrumentation, i.e., bronchoscopy, cardiac output monitoring, etc. Incumbent handles all problem-solving, except in extreme cases. Provides instruction to medical staff, resident and students regarding anesthesia equipment and procedures. Supervises, trains and evaluates T.H. Anesthesia Associates.

Preferred Qualification:

Four + years of related experience, preferably in O.R.

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