Technical Assistant (CSL) (SL)

Technical Assistant (CSL) (SL)

This title is in the unclassified service. Because of the "casual" (very temporary) status, limited assignment of responsibilities, and limited duration of service, appointees to this title are not represented for collective negotiations, do not pay agency fees, and are not eligible for benefits. Appointees serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

Casual (CSL) appointees provide less than 12 hours of service per week and are retained to provide a specific and limited service, OR provide service for a period of less than six weeks per year, customarily on a task or project related basis. Casual professional employees do not have a defined "professional obligation" (semester, college year, annual), or a pro-rated portion thereof, as would a regular part-time employee. Instead, their appointments are tied directly to the completion of a specific project or task or the providing of specific services tied to a limited period of time such as the opening of school, student recruitment, etc.

Should the employment of casual professional employees exceed two of any four consecutive semesters, they must be appointed to appropriate titles represented by the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (CSL) is used for positions which have a direct bearing on the educational programs and projects of the campus through its instructional, research and public service endeavors. Incumbents, under close supervision, usually support programs and projects similar to those similar to incumbents of the Technical Specialist title but that, because of either program breadth and complexity, or the level of technical skill or expertise required for performance of supporting functions, do not require the level of experience and/or training required of the properly classified Technical Specialist.

Preferred Qualifications:

Associate's degree or equivalent technical training and experience appropriate for the particular short-term assignment.

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