Teacher/Librarian (SL2)

Teacher/Librarian (SL2)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

Positions in this series are related to the functioning of the campus teaching school which is run as an experimental teaching program in conjunction with a school of education at four-year campus or university center. The grade levels of a given school will depend upon the major emphasis of the education department of the sponsoring campus -- either elementary or secondary level.

These positions are found only at College Learning Laboratory Schools and are responsible for designing, implementing and coordinating the program and services of the College Learning Laboratory Library Media Center. This includes research skills instruction, resource management, curricular planning, reading guidance, collection development, and meeting with teachers to plan for infusion of library services into the instructional program. As required, is responsible for:

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's degree in Library Sciences, three years experience as a librarian. Certification in a teaching field is desirable.

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