Casual Rank Titles

Casual Rank Titles

These titles are in the unclassified service. Because of the very temporary status, limited assignment of responsibilities, and limited duration of service, appointees to these titles are not represented for collective negotiations and they are not eligible for benefits. Appointees serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

Appointees teach no more than one course totaling three contact hours, or its equivalent OR provide service for a period of less than six weeks per year. These individuals would not perform the full range of professional obligation or a pro-rata portion thereof, but rather are retained to provide a specific and limited service.

Appointees who qualify for casual status are appointed to the titles Instructor (CSL), Lecturer (CSL),Assistant Professor (CSL), Associate Professor (CSL), and Professor (CSL).

Should the employment of casual "academic" employees exceed two of any four consecutive semesters, they must be appointed to appropriate titles represented by the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit..

Appointments should be made to the casual title/rank that is appropriate to the casual appointee's credentials as if the appointee were being appointed as a regular full-time member of the academic staff. For example, if the casual appointee has a Ph.D. in the discipline to which s/he is being appointed, and at the appointment campus the Ph.D. would qualify him/her for appointment as a full-time Assistant Professor, then the appropriate casual appointment title would be Assistant Professor (CSL).

Casual titles are "qualified academic rank" titles and service in them does not count towards tenure even if appointees subsequently are appointed to academic rank.

Preferred Qualifications:

Usually a minimum of a master's degree with a Ph.D. preferred. Degree requirements vary depending upon the type of campus, the discipline, and the particular expertise required to meet curricular needs.

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