Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant titles are in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Graduate Student Negotiating Unit.

Appointees to these titles must be enrolled as graduate students. Graduate Assistant titles assigned to academic functions are considered "academic support" and budgeted in I&DR-Support. [Note: Teaching Assistants generally are assigned to academic functions and charged to I&DR-Instruction.]

(CY) identifies assistant ship with "college year obligations; (HS) identifies assistant ships assigned to Health Sciences functions.

There is a negotiated minimum stipend for the academic year for full assistant ships at University Center campuses. Consult the current agreement.

GRADUATE ASSISTANT, assists faculty members in classroom and laboratory assignments, while concurrently pursuing graduate studies. Does related work as required.

These activities are emphasized as a learning process rather than as productive employment, requiring only a part-time commitment of time and freeing the incumbent to pursue graduate studies 2/3 or 3/4 time. Incumbents usually receive a tuition waiver and cash stipend for their services.

Graduate Assistants may be awarded full assistant ships or half assistant ships. Graduate student employees on a full/half assistant ship are generally expected to provide 20/10 hours of service per week. Employees in this bargaining unit are engaged in professional activities of such a nature that the output produced or the result accomplished often cannot be precisely measured in relation to a given period of time. It is therefore anticipated that there will be fluctuations above and below these general expectations.

Preferred Qualifications:

A Bachelor's degree and acceptance into matriculated graduate status at a SUNY campus.

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