Environmental Health and Safety Officer (SL5)

Environmental Health and Safety Officer (SL5)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

The Environmental Health and Safety Officer will develop, coordinate, evaluate, and execute University Policies and procedures that will ensure the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors. In accordance with regulatory mandates, topics included will be complex technical areas such as hazard control and risk management, occupational safety and health, radiation protection and fire prevention.

The Environmental Health and Safety Officer may work with or have access to professionals with administrative, engineering, chemical, radiation, occupational, environmental, and fire safety credentials and will be prepared to assess, measure, and evaluate potential hazards which the University community may encounter for purposes of developing safety related programs to heighten safety awareness among staff, faculty and students and to fulfill obligations concerning Right To Know/Hazard Communication legislation.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's Degree in industrial hygiene or the physical sciences. Five years experience as an environmental health and safety professional.

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