Asst Vice Chancellor for Computer Systems Dev (MP)

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Computer Systems Development (MP)

This title is in the unclassified service and is designated Managerial/Confidential. Appointees to Managerial/Confidential titles serve at the pleasure of the chief administrative officer and are not represented for collective negotiations.

Positions in this family are concerned with advancing the university's use of computers for teaching, research, management, library and data retrieval, administration and related purposes.

ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR FOR COMPUTER SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT directs a program, which furthers and coordinates the utilization of various computer configurations for the many purposes in the university cited above. Assures effective and economical use of computers in such areas as instruction, research, library and data retrieval, management, business, finance, personnel and administration and thus serves many areas of the university community; reviews computer feasibility studies and recommends the purchase or rental of various computer facilities; sets standards for computer charges; provides liaison with faculty and academic administrators in matters relating to the educational uses of computers; provides leadership for time-sharing capability for large and small, research computations, computer networks and systems and storage and retrieval; handles external liaison with other public and private universities and colleges, computer networks, the Division of the Budget, computer manufacturers and others; reviews budgets and personnel staffing in the area of data processing and advises in the best uses of the computer tool, including machine processing of information as an aid to making decisions; directs a program of cooperative planning, sharing of resources and balancing computer usage and consolidations.

Preferred Qualifications:

A Bachelor's degree and at least eight years of high level and management experience in the computer development area, preferably in higher education systems.

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