Assistant Vice President Housing and Auxiliary(MP)

Assistant Vice President for Housing and Auxiliary Enterprises (MP)

This title is in the unclassified service and is designated Managerial/Confidential. Appointees to Managerial/Confidential titles serve at the pleasure of the chief administrative officer and are not represented for collective negotiations.

As a family, the housing and residential life series administers and manages all facets of on-campus student housing, including operation of the housing complex and coordination of academic, cultural, and social programs for resident students.

ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT FOR HOUSING AND AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES perform functions similar to those listed for a Housing Director (now Director of Residential Life) but also has responsibilities for some auxiliary enterprises on a campus.

Housing Director (Director of Residential Life)directs the student-housing program of a campus.

Preferred Qualifications:

A Master's degree, preferably in student personnel and experience in student housing affairs.

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