Assistant Vice President for Human Resources (MP)

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources (MP)

This title is in the unclassified service and is designated Managerial/Confidential. Appointees to Managerial/Confidential titles serve at the pleasure of the chief administrative officer and are not represented for collective negotiations.

Positions in this series are involved with the administration of professional personnel services at a campus or university system office including, but not limited to employment; classification/compensation, benefits, employee labor relations, staff training and development.

ASSISTANT VICE-PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES is directly responsible to a Vice President, usually the Vice President for Administration [Administrative Services] or, in some cases, the College President. The duties and responsibilities include coordinating the appointment, classification, compensation, and benefits administration for professional and classified employees.

The individual is responsible for labor relations and administration of contracts with employee bargaining units, for maintaining personnel records and for ensuring that data is accurately maintained and protected and that management information systems are effective and appropriately utilized.

The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources also has responsibility for implementing the college's commitment to equal employment opportunity/affirmative action. At some campuses, incumbents may also fulfill all responsibilities normally associated with affirmative action/equal opportunity employment functional activities.

The Assistant Vice-President for Human Resources works with and advises college staff in matters relating to effective personnel management. Incumbents usually are the campus's appointing authority for all classified service employees with the understanding that the NYS Department of Civil Service is the final appointing authority. In addition, the Assistant Vice-President for Human Resources is usually the designated "disciplinary officer" for all classified service employees, and on many campuses may also be designated to serve this role for both academic and professional employees. Incumbents usually work closely with the College President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors, and Chairs on all aspects of the college's activities.

The Assistant Vice President of Human Resources represents the College at SUNY-wide human resources and, at some campuses, SUNY-wide affirmative action meetings. Incumbents also strive to find innovative ways of accomplishing the college's mission and goals within a public framework through research and often through participation in regional and national professional organizations.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's Degree plus an in-depth knowledge of public sector and higher education human resources practices and familiarity with governmental affirmative action guidelines. A demonstrated record of successful performance in human resource management and familiarity with computer data processing and management techniques in required.

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