Assistant Vice Chancellor Capital Facilities (MP)

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Capital Facilities (MP)

This title is in the unclassified service and is designated Managerial/Confidential. Appointees to Managerial/Confidential titles serve at the pleasure of the chief administrative officer and are not represented for collective negotiations.

Positions in this family are concerned with policy, planning, budgeting and overall management of SUNY's capital facilities program, in close coordination the State University Construction Fund and the Dormitory Authority.

ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR FOR CAPITAL FACILITIES is responsible for the policy direction and coordination of the budgeting, accounting, and administrative support services relating to the university's capital program; also supervises the Federal capital aid program, controller, management systems operations, including capital program procedures and the acquisition and management of the university's real property. Is responsible for the annual development of the university's capital construction program and acts as liaison with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business in coordinating the capital and operating budgets; also represents the university and the Board of Trustees in liaison with the campus communities with respect to the university's capital program including the negotiation of contracts for municipal services.

Preferred Qualifications:

A Master's degree and significant major experience in management and higher education facilities development, or a satisfactory equivalent combination of education and experience.

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