Programs that Support Diversity

SUNY’s efforts to build an inclusive university system embrace both curricular and co-curricular interests at the campus and system levels. Traditionally, ODEI sponsors scholarship awards, support services, curricula, policies and programs that enrich campus culture and prepare our students to be ready to become part of an increasingly technological and global workforce. This emphasis and New York’s changing demographics have paved the way for new innovative programs in addition to ODEI’s historically mandated programs.


The PRODiG Initiative

SUNY’s system-wide approach to building a diverse faculty through its new PRODiG initiative is designed to counteract both fact and fiction regarding the availability, appointment and retention of diverse faculty. PRODiG, launched in Spring 2019, stands for Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth. The program will build opportunities for campuses to challenge underrepresentation in STEM disciplines and work toward improving the trajectory of underrepresented groups. Once fully implemented, PRODiG will help SUNY achieve the appointment of 100 underrepresented faculty each year for the next ten years while also building a pipeline of underrepresented graduates and women in STEM pursuing doctoral studies leading to potential academic careers in SUNY.

Performance Investment Fund Initiatives

ODEI has the opportunity to work with 21 campuses on 25 projects to build a Community of Practice in Diversity and Inclusion to advance the best ideas in diversity and inclusion through a number of innovative projects. This initiative drives collaboration among campuses and spurs the potential for system-wide adoption of tested innovations that help build inclusion for students, faculty and campuses.

The projects have integrated goals and action steps from their strategic diversity plans. Over the two-year grant period, campuses will focus on projects in Education and Training, Seeding Best Practices and STEM Pathways.

Several campuses have already partnered with other SUNY campuses to broaden the impact of their work. As the Communities of Practice evolve, the investments can be replicated and customized to benefit an even larger number of campuses.

Beyond the investments in Diversity and Inclusion, there are additional Communities of Practice for Applied Learning, New Models, Student Success, and High Needs. Campuses involved in the diversity and Inclusion PIF Initiative span both community colleges, technical colleges and University Centers. [DIVERSITYCounts Newsletter: Winter 2019]

The Replications Project and STEM Initiatives

ODEI began The Replications Initiative beginning with a conference: "Building Bridges in STEM: Expanding SUNY's Collaboration among Community Colleges and Four-Year Institutions" Conference in November 2010, followed by a second Replication Conference, "Connecting and Collaborating to Foster SUNY STEM Student Success" in November, 2012 and a third conference in 2015, “Building Pathways and Partnerships in STEM for a Global New York.” The initiative is designed to:

Scholarship and Grant Programs

Ongoing statutory programs supporting students and faculty in diversity and inclusion recognize the challenges underrepresented students face in completing their degrees. Campus diversity initiatives s that have the potential to impact campus or promote greater student success and inclusion are also eligible for grant support. These programs include:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion