• Academic Excellence through Diversity

  • Academic Excellence through Diversity

Creating a More Equitable SUNY

The State University of New York welcomes all students, no matter your background. We recognize the challenges of today and are re-committing our efforts to break down barriers, reform policies, and build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable SUNY for all. 

25- Point Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan

In February, 2021, SUNY announced the 25-Point Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Action Plan, mapping out a pathway to close racial equity gaps, eliminate academic barriers and re-commit to its mission.

Today, 12 of the action items are completed, 5 are almost completed, and 8 are in progress.




Nearly Complete


In Progress

  • Strengthen & Expand Opportunity Programs (Completed)
  • Expand Re-enroll to Complete Programs to Close Persistent Equity Gaps (Completed)
  • Develop a Robust Policy to Expand College Credit for Life & Work Experience (Near Completion)
  • Expand Successful Programs to Support and Recognize Indigenous learning Across SUNY system (In Progress)



  • Develop for Campuses a Model Diversity Training Program (In Progress)
  • Conduct a SUNY-wide Biennial Climate Survey (In Progress)
  • Review and Enhance SUNY’s mission statement to expressly support DEI (Near Completion)
  • Expand Programs Dedicated to the Social Emotional and Academic Development of Students of Color (In Progress)
  • Expand Clubs and other formal Student Organization for Students of Color (Completed)
  • Create a system-wide research institute on racial equity that focuses on African American Studies (Completed)
  • Create a permanent process to address DEI at the Board of Trustees (Completed)


  • Require Diversity be Incorporated in General Education Requirements (Completed)
  • Update Criminal Justice Curriculum (In Progress)
  • Develop a Process to Share Best Practices or Be In Class in Embedding Racial Equity into Curriculum (In Progress)



  • Conduct a System-Wide Audit into the Impact and Effectiveness of the Current Chief Diversity Officers at Every Campus (Near Completion)
  • Update Policy that CDOs must be a direct report to Presidents at every campus (Completed)
  • CDOs must have sufficient resources to carry out their roles and responsibilities (In Progress)
  • Any hiring or change in employment status of a CDO should be reported to the system office of DEI (Completed)



  • Expand the PRODiG program to better serve SUNY's CC (Completed)
  • Establish a Black Leadership Academy (In Progress)
  • Forge Partnerships between Education Opportunity Centers & University Police Departments to Recruit Campus Police Officer in Communities of Color (Completed)
  • Form a Partnership with NYS Dept. of Civil Service to Remove Barriers to Applicants to Law Enforcement Positions (Completed)
  • Create a Public Safety micro-credential to create combine education & workforce opportunities in law enforcement for students of color (Near Completion)
  • Increase Diversity within all candidate pools for non-faculty campus hiring (Near Completion)
  • Expand campus participation in NY Higher Education Recruitment consortia (HERCs) (Completed)