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Honors Programs

Honors Programs

Bring your biggest ambitions - we have everything you need to build upon them.  We create opportunities to take a deep dive into the field you’re passionate about, allowing you to customize your academics and participate in cross-disciplinary study.  By joining an honors community of scholars you will engage with faculty and meet other talented students. 

You will also broaden your understanding of the world through a challenging blend of coursework that emphasizes research, service learning and creativity while sharpening your analytical, writing and communication skills.  You may also earn credit for rigorous high school coursework.  Honors courses are designed by some of SUNY’s most distinguished faculty, who are leaders in their fields, researchers and authors who have demonstrated excellence in teaching.

Whether it is to guide students to the perfect internship at the New York State legislature, organize a study trip to Beijing, or offer expert guidance and support for national scholarships – such as the Rhodes, Truman, Marshall or Goldwater – the honors faculty are committed to helping students succeed.

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The Admissions Information Summary Sheets lists SUNY campuses that offer honors programs and appropriate contact information.

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