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The State University of New York offers three types of undergraduate degree and certificate programs. Many students start and complete one of the options below, others start and finish one degree and move onto another degree program. Explore specific academic programs offered at SUNY campuses.

Certificate programs consist of courses, typically offered through Community Colleges, that lead directly to employment after a one-year program of study.

Associate degree programs (including AAS, AS, AA, AOS), which usually take two years of study, prepare students for employment or for transfer into a bachelor's program at a four-year campus. Associate degrees are offered at Community Colleges and the Technology Colleges.

Bachelor's degree programs (including BS, BA, BTech, BBA, BFA) are synonymous with "college degrees". You receive a bachelor's degree when you complete your undergraduate studies, typically requiring a four-year, full-time collegiate experience. University Centers and Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions, University Colleges and the Technology Colleges offer bachelor's degrees.

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