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Dear A.C.T. Members,

Being an active member of A.C.T. has provided me a broadened perspective of SUNY that has supported my role at SUNY ESF as a College Trustee Board member and Chair. Being able to receive updates and insights from SUNY on pertinent issues, from financial allocations and budgets to legislative process and advocacy, has made me a more productive and informed Board member. Engaging in conversations with fellow Council members from other colleges is one of the best ways to exchange experiences, lessons learned, and recognize that diversity is SUNY’s strength. We are all contributors in the largest higher education system in the United States, together. 

As Chancellor Zimpher said, "SUNY is really good, and we want to be simply the best." Being the best means all hands and minds are engaged to take SUNY to the highest level. This is where you, individually and as a group, have direct impact through informed college engagement. A.C.T. is here to support Council and Trustee members in achieving their best through our annual conference and other outreach venues.

The recent SUNYCON held in NYC was an inspiring event, please visit the web site to view the plenary sessions and to hear the Chancellor’s opening remarks. The theme, Building a New Business Model for the Academy, emphasizes that business as usual in higher education is not an option for the future.  It is time to brainstorm on ways to be Simply the Best.

At Your Service,

Vita DeMarchi
A.C.T. President

March 2015

Dear A.C.T. Members,

Friday’s A.C.T. Annual Breakfast was a resounding success – well-attended, lots of networking, meaningful exchange with students, and gratitude and inspiration from both Chancellor Zimpher and Chairman McCall. Hart Lounge was packed for the breakfast and so was the Egg for the Chancellor’s State of the University Address.  Her presentation was nothing short of out-of-the-ballpark-visionary. If you missed it, here’s the link to watch it; if you were there, you will want to watch it again.

A higher degree of ACCESS through EARLY ADVISEMENT, EARLY ENGAGEMENT and DIVERSITY; a higher degree of COMPLETION using Remediation, “Finish in Four” and Open SUNY; and a higher degree of SUCCESS through Master Innovators and SUNY WORKS will be supported by an unprecedented Investment Fund of working dollars. SUNY is already the largest system in the country, and these efforts will make it the undisputed best in class. College Council Members and Trustees will play a critical role on their campuses and as an association in supporting these initiatives and taking SUNY to this new level. There are exciting and challenging times ahead.

Best regards,

G. Angela Henry

December 2014

Dear Colleagues, 

We have just concluded the 2014 Annual A.C.T. Conference, where we enjoyed informative panels and presentations from campus representatives and SUNY administration. With a better understanding of priorities and timetables on both the legislative and System sides, there are great opportunities for A.C.T. to have a positive influence on funding, especially for rational tuition and capital projects. What about a lobby day after the Chancellor's State of the State address in January? Let me know your thoughts.

This weekend was also a wonderful time of camaraderie and sharing. We were fortunate to have Senator Betty Little join us and share useful legislative information. I learned about a number of exciting, Council-driven programs happening around the state. I am interested to hear from you about the idea of next year's conference including formal presentations from members on their Councils' practices and initiatives.   

In the meantime, I am delighted that this missive is reaching you through the A.C.T. Listserv that the membership requested. Thanks go out to Teare VanDenburgh, Jim Campbell and their team for creating it. This listserv is your vehicle for getting information, answers and feedback from your A.C.T. Colleagues. Wondering what sexual assault policies other councils are implementing? You can send a query through the listserv. Publishing your annual report or announcing your new president? Share it with all of us through the listserv. As a matter of fact, Oswego's report is linked below, hot off the press. Also below are presentations from the conference.

 Some final words of additional thanks:

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All the best wishes for the weeks ahead, and let me hear from you  - January will be here before we know it!

Warm regards,
G. Angela Henry, President A.C.T.


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