ACT President's Message

ACT President's Message

Patricia Hill Williams headshot

Patricia Hill Williams

November 2022

Greetings Colleagues,

It continues to be an honor and privilege for me to serve in the position as the ACT President after being re-elected at the 2022 ACT Conference.

ACT remains dedicated to the State University system in which we serve and to our commitment to continue moving forward. We truly appreciate the ongoing support of the SUNY Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Merryl H. Tisch, and SUNY Interim Chancellor Deborah F. Stanley.

As valuable advocates and influencers for the State University and our individual campuses, communication is even more important to our students, faculty, staff, and communities. ACT members are in the position to serve as timely and knowledgeable voices for our campuses and we strongly encourage our members to communicate updates to the organization so accomplishments can be shared widely.

We encourage Council members to volunteer and support ACT committees and to continue sharing your ideas. The ACT Executive Committee meets regularly throughout the year along with our other committees.

Our ACT Annual Conference is an opportunity for all of us across the SUNY system to convene, share ideas, and witness the collective strength of our membership. We thank all of those who attended our 2022 conference - and hope to have more members attend the 2023 conference.

We believe that ACT members represent exceptional resources and skill sets that are relevant to our mission. With the support of our very capable members, we will continue to step up and do our very best. 


Patricia Hill Williams
ACT President

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