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The fund lineups for the SUNY Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and the SUNY 403(b) Voluntary Savings Plans are reviewed regularly, and periodically undergo adjustment involving the addition of new funds as well as the removal or replacement of certain funds as needed due to discontinuation or performance issues.  The current fund menus for each of the Authorized SUNY Investment Providers can be viewed at:

For information and assistance in choosing funds, visit our Choosing Your Investments web page, and/or contact the appropriate Investment Provider for additional information about their funds and for instructions on how to enroll or change your investment allocaton.

*If your account is under GA# 40163, with a set-up date after 2001, you may be subject to surrender/withdrawal charges for in-service transfers to other carriers. A 5% charge will apply for in-service transfers during the first 15-year period from contract date. The first 10% per contract year will be free of charges. Please contact your AIG Financial Advisor before initiating any transfers.


For further information and/or assistance, please contact the Benefits Office at your State-Operated College or Community College campus.

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