Mark Kaercher, North Colonie Math Teacher, Opens a Tiny Math Studio on His Front Lawn

November 2021

Mark Kaercher and his wife JessicaFor several years, Mark Kaercher, and his wife, Jessica, a librarian, have hosted a book-lending library on their front lawn. Fast forward to winter 2021, Mark wondered about extending the Little Free Library concept to share his love of math with the community in a way that would broaden people's thinking about what math encompasses. Truth be told, he was hoping to shift thinking about "not being a math person", noting that all you really need is the willingness to explore and play.

The Tiny Math Studio is full of engaging puzzles, string art projects, origami activities, and math games. He has even set up a QR Code Guest Book and welcomes visitors' comments and questions.

Through his work as a NYS Master Teacher and active member the Association of Mathematics Teachers of NYS, he has inspired teachers through his acclaimed presentations on topics such as paper folding that make deep mathematical concepts visually and physically accessible. Mr. Kaercher regularly returns to his alma mater, SUNY Plattsburgh, and leads workshops for the North Country cohort of Master Teachers, shares a wealth of teaching resources on his Twitter account, @shskaercher.

Visit his Twitter feed and you’ll surely start to think of yourself as “being a math person.”

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