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Round 1

Mascot Madness 2024 - Round 1

The competition is back with the 2024 edition of SUNY Mascot Madness. 32 SUNY mascots have entered and one will end up voted NY's favorite college mascot and SUNY Mascot Ambassador when it's all done. These characters come from the north, south, east, and west of our state, from university centers to community colleges, in large sizes and small. But regardless of their location, they all share a spirit for their campus communities and the SUNY family that can't be beat.

Round 1 voting for SUNY Mascot Madness is available below. You can vote in any and all games you choose.

Round 1 voting is open from 3/12 until 3/15 at 3:00pm EST.

Voters can cast one vote every 12 hours. In order for your vote to count, you simply have to verify it via an active email or the captcha in the vote block. Follow @SUNY on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated and show your support.

Meet the mascots participating in 2024 SUNY Mascot Madness.

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