Provost Positions (MP)

Provost Positions (MP)

These titles are in the unclassified service and is designated Managerial/Confidential. Appointees to Managerial/Confidential titles serve at the pleasure of the chief administrative officer and are not represented for collective negotiations

PROVOST is a major academic administrative officer at a large University Center campus. S/he has responsibility for the coordination and development of multi-disciplinary curricula to best utilize the physical and personnel resources within campus jurisdiction and to maintain liaison with Provosts in other academic areas to ensure that appropriate supportive elective courses and programs may be developed that are beneficial to the academic enrichment of the entire student body. Does related work as required.

The title of Provost is followed by a descriptive phrase that serves to identify the particular academic disciplinary area. The following descriptive areas are typical. Those listed in bold print, and above with title codes, currently exist in the SUNY title structure:

Preferred Qualifications:

Doctorate and a substantial number of years of faculty and academic administrative and managerial experience of a high- level nature.

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