Postdoctoral Associate (SL1)

Postdoctoral Associate (SL1)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

This classification is considered a temporary advanced scholarly appointment, typically representing a transition from academic study to employment in the field of research. The purpose of such appointments is to benefit the research and educational programs of the university as well as contribute to the postdoctoral scholar's own professional growth. In this classification, the incumbent with an appropriate terminal degree will be employed to carry out advanced independent and/ or directed research to achieve the objectives of the research project. At the time of employment, the responsible faculty member or principal investigator will establish the professional objectives and performance standards for the incumbent and will make annual evaluations.

To be classified at this level, the incumbent must not have been professionally employed in their specialty, subsequent to the receipt of the doctoral or other appropriate terminal degree. Prior assignment as Teaching or Graduate Assistant is expressly permitted. The duration of postdoctoral appointment will, in most cases, be limited to one or two years, and incumbents are not expected to serve in this title for more than three (3) years, but may be extended to four (4) years to accommodate programs within a school of medicine, or up to six (6) years in special circumstances. This title is not to be used to extend any prior postdoctoral assignment or previous professional employment.

Duties assigned to this title will require an in depth knowledge of a specialized field, process, or discipline and may involve organizing and implementing complex research plans, the development of methods of research, testing and data collection, analysis and evaluation, and writing reports containing descriptive, analytical and evaluative content. The duties will require the exercise of independent discretion and judgment in carrying out research activities within the predetermined research scope and methodology.

Preferred Qualifications:

A doctoral degree in the appropriate field or discipline, or the recognized terminal degree, or the foreign equivalent is required.

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