Assistant Director Computing Services (SL5)

Assistant Director Computing Services (SL5)

This title is in the unclassified service and in the SUNY Professional Services Negotiating Unit.

As a family the Computing Services positions provide technical guidance and professional administrative support to program managers, department heads or administrative officers, faculty, support staff and students of the University. Distinctions among classes within the group are based primarily upon the incumbent's level of involvement in applications programming, systems analysis and/or systems programming, respectively. The degree of supervision given or received, technical complexity of work, autonomy in making program decisions, and educational and experiential prerequisites are all valid criteria in classifying a position within the series. Classification actions on these positions are not mutually exclusive, and a large department or division may have several individuals working in one or more of these titles.

As a class, can be distinguished from all previously mentioned levels in that the incumbent is typically assigned full responsibility for one (1) or two (2) major technical areas within the department. Technical areas include applications programming, systems analysis and systems programming. Incumbents are indirectly supervised, receiving their direction via stated goals from the Director of Computing Services. They are then responsible for meeting such goals or commitments. Supervision is usually exercised over clerical support staff, and lower level computer professionals.

When assigned responsibility for the applications programming technical area, duties may include:

When working in the systems analysis area, responsibilities typically involve:

When assigned to the systems programming function, tasks include:

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related area, and five (5) to seven (7) years of professional experience in the computer field. Minimum of two (2) years supervisory experience, preferably in a computing environment. At this level, a full complement of programming and systems analysis skills should be possessed by incumbents.

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