Special Categories

Special Categories



(must be otherwise appointed)
Some employees have designations that are in addition to their official academic rank or professional title. Examples are academic rank employees who are designated as chair of a department, program or other organizational unit. In their designations they serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority, but while serving, and upon being relieved of such designation, they retain such rights and privileges as they may have by virtue of their academic rank or professional title. Such designees are typically compensated by stipends that are in addition to their base salary and/ or release time.

Dual Appointees

Dual appointment refers to the appointment of someone to a State payroll that is already being paid on one or more other State payrolls. Where the total full-time equivalent of all appointments is less than 1.00 FTE, such appointment may be processed as a dual appointment (concurrent) with approval of the other hiring agencies.

If the total FTE equals or exceeds 1.00 FTE, the appointee must, with the approval of the other employing agencies, be paid on an extra-service basis.

Extra Service Employees

The Board of Trustees has delegated approval of UUP extra service to campus presidents. Extra service for M/C employees is first approved by campus president and then submitted to the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for final approval.

Special Funds Estimate (SFE)

Special Funds Estimate "employees" are individuals who are hired on the campus to work on a construction project with a projected completion date.

SFE employees are appointed to the "regular state" payroll in an appropriate title for their duties but their positions are not placed in a negotiating unit and such employees are not entitled to benefits. They receive payment for services only.

Such appointees are additional resources for specific projects and should not be assigned to routine work normally done by regular employees.

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