Directions to the SUNY Global Center



LaGuardia Airport - Approximately 8 miles and 20 minutes travel time
  1. Head west on Central Terminal Drive toward LaGuardia Rd. (0.2 mi)
  2. Continue on LaGuardia Rd. (0.1 mi)
  3. Keep right to continue toward La Guardia Access Rd. (0.1 mi)
  4. Continue straight onto LaGuardia Access Rd. (0.2 mi)
  5. Take the ramp on the left onto Grand Central Parkway (0.9 mi)
  6. Take exit 4 to Interstate 278/Brooklyn-Queens Expwy West toward Staten Island (0.2 mi)
  7. Merge onto Brooklyn-Queens Expressway East (1.0 mi)
  8. Continue onto I-278 W/Brookyn-Queens Expressway (0.9 mi)
  9. Take exit 39W for NY-25 W/Queens Blvd. (0.1 mi)
  10. Turn right onto Queens Blvd. (0.2 mi)
  11. Take the ramp on the left onto Queens Blvd. (2.0 mi)
  12. Keep left to continue on New York 25 W (1.4 mi)
  13. Take the exit toward 2nd Avenue (423 ft)
  14. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 2nd Avenue S. (0.2 mi)
  15. Turn left onto 2nd Avenue (0.2 mi)
  16. Turn tight onto E. 55th St. (0.3 mi)
  17. Destination will be on the left
John F. Kennedy International Airport - Approximately 18 miles and 35 minutes travel time
  1. Head northeast (0.2 mi)
  2. Take the ramp to Airport Exit (253 ft)
  3. Merge onto JFK Access Rd (0.2 mi)
  4. Continue onto Van Wyck Expwy (0.7 mi)
  5. Continue onto 1-678 N/Van Wyck Expwy (7.4 mi)
  6. Take exit 12B for Interstate 495 W/Long Is Expwy (0.5 mi)
  7. Merge onto I-495 W (7.7 mi)
  8. Take the exit toward E 37th St (0.1 mi)
  9. Take the first right onto 3rd Ave (184 ft)
  10. Turn left onto E 55th St (0.9 mi)
  11. Destination will be on left (0.1 mi)
Newark International Airport - Approximately 18 miles and 40 minutes travel time
  1. Head Northeast on Departures/Terminal B (0.3 mi)
  2. Continue onto Express Rd (0.5 mi)
  3. Keep right at the fort, follow signs for Turnpike N/I-78/I-95/New York/Garden State Pkwy (0.7 mi)
  4. Continue straight (0.4 mi)
  5. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 78 E/Interstate 95/New Jersey Turnpike/Holland
    Tunnel/New York City (0.5 mi)
  6. Keep rightat the fork, follow signs for I-78 E/I-95/U.S. 1-9 N and merge onto I-78 E (1.0 mi)
  7. Take the exit toward Interstate 95 N/NJ Turkpike N/Interstate 95 S/NJ Turnpike S (121 ft)
  8. Follow signs for Interstate 95N/NJ Turnpike N (1.4 mi)
  9. Take exit 15E-15X-16E-18E on the left for Interstate 95 toward US 46/Interstate 80/New Jersey
    3/Lincoln Tunnel (0.5 mi)
  10. Merge onto I-95 N (6.0 mi)
  11. Take exit 16E toward Lincoln Tunnel (0.5 mi)
  12. Merge onto NJ-495 E (3.1 mi)
  13. Continue onto Lincoln Tunnel (0.8 mi)
  14. Take the exit toward Dyer Ave (351 ft)
  15. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for New York 9A/42 Street/Uptown/Theater District (390 ft)
  16. Slight right onto Dyer Ave (0.1 mi)
  17. Turn right onto W 42nd St (0.2 mi)
  18. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto 8th Ave (0.7 mi)
  19. Turn right onto W 57th St (0.8 mi)
  20. Turn right onto Lexington Ave (0.1 mi)
  21. Turn right at the second cross street onto E 55th St (256 ft)
  22. Destination will be on the left





From Uptown: BxM1, M101, M102, M103, X2 exit at Lexington Av/ E 56th St

From Downtown: QM1, QM2, QM4, QM5, QM6 exit at 3Av/E 56th St
M101, M102, M103, QM10, GM12, Qm24, X63, X64, X64 exit at 3 AV/E 55th St