Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

The Hope Center

SUNY System Administration will partner with the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice. The Hope Center is led by its founder, Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab who is also a Professor of High Education Policy and Sociology at Temple University. Excerpts of her work is referenced below.

We are currently in negotiations to finalize the survey instrument for SUNY campuses to have data that validates the challenge and scale of food and related security across the system. More information will be shared during the summer. The anticipated timeframe for survey dissemination is September 2018.

Over the years, Goldrick-Rab came to recognize that the state lacked a laboratory that could identify new opportunities in postsecondary education, develop appropriate interventions and evaluate them, and share that knowledge with policymakers, practitioners and the public in a timely and useful fashion. This is the primary focus of the HOPE Center, which is the only laboratory in the United States dedicated to translational research for improving equitable outcomes in postsecondary education. Translational research involves conducting primary research and investigation, and then translating the knowledge gained into trial interventions. These trial interventions are then evaluated, and the ones that work can lead to changes in practice.

"Right now, everybody wants to contain the costs of higher education, but nobody knows how,” says Goldrick-Rab. “Everybody wants to figure out who to give student aid to but nobody knows the best way to deal with scarce resources. Everybody wants to know whether some students are wasting their time and money by going to college, or whether there are ways to create a better college experience, but nobody knows the answers. There is a laundry list of topics that need to be looked at. Honestly, it can all be a bit overwhelming."

Council on Hunger and Food Policy

At their May 2018 meeting, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets publicly supports SUNY in our efforts to actualize the mandate that the Governor has unveiled in this year’s State of the State the No Student Goes Hungry proposal. Commissioner Richard A. Ball, commended after Anita Paley made her presentation that "...... we applaud your work in supporting these proposals and continue to solicit your guidance in helping to implement them."

Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA)

OTDA Office of Nutrition Outreach and Public Education and SNAP Awareness are committed to supporting the work of the Task Force. As collaborating partners, they will provide systemwide Material Distribution of Information to Students, envision a Campus Pantry SNAP Awareness Day, provide ongoing Targeted Pre-Screening and Application Days and ongoing SNAP Food Demonstrations at SUNY College Pantries. These support services will include working with and through their internal partners such as Hunger Solutions, Nourish Your Neighbor – A Healthy Food Drive Initiative and Capital Region Eat Smart New York.

SUNY/CUNY Student Affairs Summit: Student Food Insecurity

In June 2018, SUNY Vice Presidents for Students Affairs at state-operated campuses and community colleges met with CUNY administrative counterparts and staff to discuss ways to improve statewide efforts to address student hunger. Best and high impacts practices were discussed including partnering with local food banks and other related interventions. The goal is to develop a comprehensive two-system compendium that address food and related insecurity for all students in the state of New York

SUNY’s Community School Programs

The SUNY Community College Community Schools program aims to increase college access and support degree completion by providing comprehensive non-academic, integrated support services for students.

Food Insecurity Task Force