About the Program

What is the Excellence in Teaching Award?

The Governor's Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes educational leaders (PreK-12) who exemplify the professional work of thousands of outstanding, progressive teachers and innovative educators striving to attain New York standards and success for all of their students. Teacher Ambassadors are career learners and education leaders who are eager to represent the accomplishments and professional work of their colleagues, share their craft, advise policymakers, and continue learning.

Benefits of the award

Teachers will have the opportunity to share insights on their accomplishments with students and work with curriculum and instruction; discuss their professional learning; and advise on educational trends with regional development leaders, university leaders in teacher education, policy makers, and school leaders.

Winners are recognized and rewarded with a $5,000 stipend for their continued learning and professional endeavors. Some of the unique learning opportunities for which the stipend could be used include: 

Excellence in Teaching Award