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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SUNY has continually updated its health and safety protocols to be in accordance with federal and state guidance. As such, mandatory surveillance testing is no longer required for students, faculty, or staff with a regular physical presence on campus for the 2022-23 academic year. In addition, while campuses may continue to test students, faculty, or staff at the beginning of the semester or over the course of the academic year, campuses are no longer mandated to report those results to SUNY's Health Portal. Due to this change, SUNY’s COVID-19 Case Tracker has been removed and all past data is archived.

View historical data of the COVID-19 cases and response in our dashboard archive:

COVID-19 Case Tracker Archive

SUNY's colleges and universities may continue to report campus-level testing results. For campus reports or testing information, please reach out to the specific campus. For more information about testing guidance or other COVID-19 protocols on campus, please visit: