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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

NYC Recruiters

Irad Vanterpool headshot‌Irad Vanterpool

Assistant Director


Washington Irving High School, Class of 1994
Queensborough Community College – AS, Fine Arts
Lehman College – BA, Theatre Arts
Miami University – MA, Theatre
Texas Tech University – MFA, Playwriting

Fun Facts About Me

Teacher:  Taught special education in two school districts in New Jersey and have permanent licenses in three content areas.
Sports:  Die hard New York sports fan (Knicks, Yankees, Giants)
Theatre:  Performed Off-Broadway!

Why Admissions?

Prior to working in admissions, I worked at a charter school in Harlem where my role included college and career readiness. I had always worked with at-risk youth - related to college readiness in various roles - but it was this particular place that fueled my desire to work in higher education. I believe I can make a difference by helping students and their families navigate the college process.


Though I was familiar with SUNY, working as a college readiness coordinator allowed me to learn more about SUNY as a whole. I continue to be amazed by the number of colleges and majors available to students. As my desire grew to wanting to work in higher education, SUNY became my preferred choice. When given the opportunity to work in higher education, I began my path as SUNY Canton’s NYC Regional Representative.

Having grown up in the South Bronx, and being a product of NYC public schools, my goal is to introduce and promote SUNY to students from similar backgrounds. I did not have an opportunity to go away to college and want students to know about affordable options beyond New York City. Now that I am working at the SUNY Welcome Center, I have an opportunity to promote all of SUNY to prospective students and their families.

Contact Me! or 212.364.5826

Jessica A. Perez headshotJessica A. Perez

Admissions Recruitment Advisor 


Civic Leadership Academy, Class of 2012
SUNY Cortland - BA, Political Science, Class of 2016

Fun Facts About Me

Dog lover: I love dogs, especially my two very spoiled Shih Tzus!
Caribbean girl:  I’m fluent in Spanish, enjoy my Latin culture, and am proud of my Cuban and Dominican roots.
Big sister: My younger sister looks and acts exactly like me.

Why Admissions?

As an undergraduate student at SUNY Cortland, I was provided opportunities that I thought I would never have. Before college I was indecisive about whether or not living on campus was for me. After completing the EOP summer program, I realized how amazing it was to have the chance to go to college and to experience a different part of New York State (I’m from NYC). I never thought I would able to go away for college because I didn’t think I could afford it. However, because of SUNY, I was able to fulfill that dream!


My experiences at SUNY have helped me become the individual I am today. The people who motivated and mentored me as an undergraduate student are the reason I’ve chosen to work as an admissions advisor. I, too, wish to motivate and mentor prospective students to follow their dreams of going away to college . . . because I know firsthand how it impacts a person’s life. I am forever thankful to SUNY for the opportunities and experiences they have given me, and I look forward to giving those experiences back to future students.

Contact Me! or 212.364.5831


Out-Of-State Recruiters

Pic of Gail ReillyGail Reilly

Regional Recruiter for New Jersey and Pennsylvania


Freehold High School, Class of 1965
Long Island University - BA, English
Pace University - MEd, Administration and Supervision

Fun Facts About Me

Born teacher:   Enjoy motivating students to learn, to think creatively, to develop leadership skills and to give back to their communities
Active engagement:   Gardener, beachcomber, sea glass collector, and cemetery art and epitaphs enthusiast
Wait, there’s more:    Lover of books, art, architecture and films (in no particular order)
Theatre and movie fan:   Left 6 credits shy of earning a Cinema Studies degree at NYU
Sports fan:   NY Giants (Manning), NY Yankees (Jeter) - I’m a competitive golfer, too!

Why Admissions?

I was recruited by SUNY after retiring from Brooklyn Technical High School. While at Tech, I developed a collaborative relationship with the Center for Student Recruitment by making SUNY a viable choice for all students because of the myriad of majors it offers, as well as its accelerated and Honors programs. I was asked to serve on SUNY’s Counselor Advisory Board and was selected as the 1st recipient of the NYC Counselor of the Year award.


Working for SUNY seemed like a perfect fit as I have always been a fan. SUNY permits me to do what I love - working with students, parents and counselors in developing the right thought process and tools to complete a successful college application process. This year, in addition to central and southern New Jersey, I look forward to developing a new territory - Philadelphia School District and surrounding counties - to recruit enthusiastic SUNY applicants!

Contact Me! or 518.390.1319

Pic of Jennifer SpecterDr. Jennifer K. Specter

Regional Recruiter for Delaware and Maryland


Graduated from high school before most of you were born!
Bowling Green State University (OH) – BS, Education
Bowling Green State University (OH) – MEd, Counseling
University of Delaware - Ed.D., Educational Leadership, 2012

Fun Facts About Me

First pet:   Daisy, the bunny . . . I was born in the year of the rabbit, too :-)
Favorite color:   Anything vibrant and bold - like red!
States visited:   All 50; have lived in 10 of them
Favorite music:   Classic rock
Newest passion:   Weightlifting

Why Admissions? Why SUNY?

Whether preparing a gourmet meal, decorating living spaces or writing SUNY enrollment guidance publications, I love to create! In my two decades as a college recruiter, campus visit coordinator, and student transition expert, I have created connections for students and families to their colleges of choice. Student success is my passion; it feeds me to help applicants find the perfect college fit. From the culinary arts, industrial arts, and performing arts to the art of discovery, SUNY will take you where you want to go. Let SUNY be an ingredient in your recipe for success!

Contact Me! or 518.391.5207

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