Governor Cuomo Announces 39 More Companies Join Start-Up NY and Commit to 817 New Jobs

October 28, 2016

Program Has Attracted 202 Total Businesses, With Commitments to Create At Least 4,490 New Jobs and Invest More Than $251 Million in New York State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 39 businesses have joined START-UP NY and will expand in or locate to New York State through the innovative, tax-free program associated with colleges and universities across the state. These 39 businesses have committed to create 817 new jobs and invest more than $30 million statewide over the next five years. START-UP NY now has commitments from 202 companies to create at least 4,490 new jobs and invest more than $251 million over the next three-to-five years throughout New York State.

"This program continues to attract companies with visionary goals to every region of our state and is playing a key role in revitalizing those communities," Governor Cuomo said. "This unique model of partnering innovative companies with our world-class colleges and universities not only creates new jobs, but also leverages hundreds of millions of dollars in private investment to stimulate regional growth."

The businesses expanding in or locating to the Empire State under START-UP NY will create jobs in key industries, including: biomedical research; bio-technology; manufacturing and advanced manufacturing; research and development; software development; information technology; aviation services; internet publishing; high technology; regional headquarters; research and development for medical devices; engineering headquarters; imaging and optics and multimedia.

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, "START-UP NY was created to tap into the rich intellectual capital of our higher education system and partner businesses with colleges and universities to transform vacant space into areas where new job opportunities thrive. Today's announcement that 39 new companies are joining the program is further proof that this model is succeeding and that START-UP NY has the ability to attract some of the best and brightest businesses to grow their footprint in New York State."

The 39 companies announced today are sponsored by the following New York State colleges and universities: Alfred State College; Binghamton University; Clinton Community College; Dutchess County Community College; Farmingdale State College; Fulton-Montgomery Community College; Hudson Valley Community College; Jamestown Community College; Long Island University; Medgar Evers College (CUNY); New York University; Orange County Community College; Plattsburgh State University; Schenectady County Community College; SUNY Downstate Medical Center; SUNY Oswego; Ulster Community College; University at Albany; University at Buffalo; and Villa Maria College

SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher said, "In just its first two years, START-UP NY has produced significant benefits for the state’s economy, while simultaneously bringing new private partners to SUNY and generating academic benefits for our faculty and students. SUNY is proud to play a central role in START-UP NY, generating approximately 90 percent of program benefits to date. Congratulations to each of the SUNY colleges and universities welcoming new business partners to campus as part of this important economic development program."

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities President Laura L. Anglin said, "START-UP NY continues to contribute to the economic landscape of New York State. Our private, not-for-profit colleges and universities are strong partners in attracting diverse businesses to create jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurial New Yorkers."

The following businesses have joined START-UP NY:

  • AccuTheranostics, Inc.
  • Anchor ID Inc.
  • Applied Biological Laboratories Inc.
  • Aurora Innovations, Inc.
  • Beekman 1802, LLC
  • Belvac Production Machinery
  • Carmera, Inc.
  • Cell-nique Corp.
  • Certerra Inc.
  • ChannelEyes Corporation
  • CleanSlate Technologies, Inc.
  • Concarlo Holdings, LLC
  • DAR Enterprises LLC
  • Dumbstruck, Inc.
  • Elodina Inc.
  • eParel, LLC
  • FlightLevel Dutchess, LLC
  • i3 Assemblies Inc.
  • iActEx, LLC dba Op-Smart
  • Insum Solutions Corp.
  • Mair Magaw Information Systems LLC
  • Mishki, Inc. (d/b/a FINDMINE)
  • New Flyer of America Inc.
  • New York Huaqi Bioengineering, LLC
  • Nowigence Inc.
  • Pisa Biopharm Inc.
  • Prelco US Inc.
  • Rebel One Studios, LLC
  • Regulus Energy, LLC
  • RMP Logic LLC, d/b/a M.E.D.X
  • sCube Inc.
  • SimplyTel, LLC
  • Snow Dragon Corp.
  • Soliddd Corp.
  • SparkShoppe, LTD.
  • Up Homes
  • U Media Corporation d/b/a
  • XchangeWorx, Inc.
  • University at Buffalo – 213 new jobs

iActEx, LLC d/b/a Op-Smart is an early-stage information technology company that provides integrated operations management solutions for suppliers, manufacturers, transportation providers and consumers in the supply chain network. iActEx, LLC's software platform facilitates the collection of data from all equipment at clients manufacturing facilities and provides data management in real time to optimize the efficiency of operations throughout the supply chain. The company will create 148 new jobs and invest $830,000.

AccuTheranostics, Inc. is an existing early-stage biotechnology company graduating from the UB Biosciences Incubator. The company has developed a specialized chemo-sensitive/chemo-resistance assay that uses a patient’s own tumor cells in the laboratory to identify which drugs would be most effective for treating a patient’s unique cancer before ever treating the patient. The company will create 10 new jobs and invest $3,650,000.

CleanSlate Technologies, Inc. is a new to New York State company that designs, assembles, sells, services and distributes a medical device used for sanitizing portable electronics in healthcare using UV light. Cleanslate will establish a U.S. headquarters operation in Buffalo to better access the U.S. market. The company will create 26 net new jobs and invest $185,000.

GCLIPROW Inc. is an existing New York State company currently in the demo phase of its manufactured proprietary patented product for sale to rowing clubs and its members. Founded in 2013 in Buffalo, the company produces the Quick Release Rowing Shoe System, allows rowers to enjoy total stability within their own shoes and also provides a safe release in case of an emergency. The company will create five new jobs and invest $95,000.

Rebel One Studios, LLC is an early-stage animation production company focused primarily on animation and demonstration videos, with the capacity to create stand-alone, high detail 2-D or 3-D animations for clients. The company will create six new jobs and invest $90,000.

Regulus Energy, LLC is an existing alternative energy engineering company in Tonawanda. The company designs and commissions production plants that take carbon based feedstocks (i.e. municipal solid waste, wood, grains, natural gas, etc.) and convert it into finished fuels or electricity. The company uses a proven advanced gasification technology with high yields and efficiency and low cost of both operation and capital investment. The company will create eight new jobs and invest $96,000.

RMP Logic, LLC is an existing information technology company that is currently in the development and marketing stage of the software application "Mobile Encrypted Data Xchange (M.E.D.X), a mobile app that can securely exchange protected health information, peer-to-peer, to help improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes. The company will create two new jobs and invest $69,500.

U Media Corporation d/b/a is a new business in the process of developing a web and mobile application called, a sports specific social media portal focused on competitive conversation. The app will offer a proprietary scored debate platform where sports fans and professionals can debate the latest in sports. The company will create eight new jobs and invest $100,000.

Binghamton University – 140 new jobs

i3 Assemblies Inc. is a new manufacturing company that offers integration of advanced process and product development with manufacturing solutions to provide complete system builds and testing from prototype to volume production. i3 Assemblies' products will be the electronic components found in life-saving medical diagnostic/imaging devices, cutting-edge space exploration and satellite technology; and the electronics will be installed in end use products throughout the world. The company will create 140 new jobs and invest $8.2 million.

Schenectady County Community College – 58 new jobs

Beekman 1802, LLC is an existing multi-category, consumer products, content and event production company in New York State, creating premium-branded artisanal and seasonal products for sale to consumers worldwide. Founded in Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, in 2008, the company sources primarily from local farms, food producers and artisans and promotes its products, publications, programming and events under the Beekman 1802 brand. The company will be expanding to create a headquarters in Schenectady. The company will create 25 new jobs and invest $25,000.

Dumbstruck, Inc. is an existing information technology company in Albany. The company’s pioneering technology makes it easy for content creators to learn how people respond to their content. Emotional response data is identified from facial expressions and displayed in an artificially intelligent dashboard that generates actionable insights. The company will create 20 new jobs and invest $29,000.

sCube Inc. is an existing technology company developing products for the Internet of Things by creating applications for smart, connected products and providing tools to connect, build, analyze, experience and collaborate about everyday objects on the Internet. The company is focused on helping its clients with technology solutions that will cut operating expenses and increase return on investment. sCube will locate to the NY Biz lab in Schenectady. The company will create 13 new jobs and invest $63,000.

Orange County Community College – 53 new jobs

Aurora innovations, Inc., a new company to New York State, is a national manufacturer and distributor of organic garden products based in Eugene, Oregon, that will be opening a new eastern U.S. manufacturing and distribution facility in the Mid-Hudson region. The company will create 53 new jobs and invest approximately $4.7 million.

University at Albany – 50 new jobs

Nowigence, Inc. is an existing software development company that is expanding to automatically capture intelligence from the web and organize it into a highly accessible and structured solution to support growth for its business clients and improve their strategic planning. Nowigence has developed its own proprietary software solution that collects global intelligence from nearly three million news items published every day and then uses advanced NLP (natural language programming) and artificial intelligence to customize and deliver highly relevant intelligence tailored for each client. The company will create 11 new jobs and invest $292,000.

Pisa Biopharm Inc. is an existing business that currently manages the U.S. and Canadian customer relationships for Grupo Pisa, the largest healthcare group in Mexico. The company will expand in New York State to conduct technical support, quality assurance and laboratory testing of sterile injectable pharmaceutical products and medical device commodities (PiSA branded). The company will create ten new jobs and invest $522,000.

SparkShoppe, Ltd. is a new information technology company that uses data analytics and digital technology to deliver shopper marketing strategies through the internet, social media and other web based platforms. The company delivers these strategies to retail grocery and other industry chains to increase product movement through established relationships with large national and international consumer brands. The company will create six new jobs and invest $32,000.

XchangeWorx, Inc. is an existing New York State software development company that has developed software solutions that capture all healthcare events and map the complex events into coordinated business processes to improve patient care. The company will create 23 new jobs and invest $430,000

New York University– 45 new jobs

Carmera, Inc. is an existing early-stage company utilizing mobile sensor, computer vision and 3D processing technology to develop high definition mapping data and valuable insights about the built environment. Cermera's mission is to make cities work better and become more automated by maintaining the world’s most up-to-date and accessible visual database of urban streets. The company will create five new jobs and invest $225,000.

Elodina, Inc. is an existing formative-stage information technology business that offers a platform making it easy to use big data open source technologies with existing systems. The Elodina Platform is technology agnostic and can be implemented on premise, in a private or a managed data center, or via public cloud provider. The company will create 26 new jobs and invest $37,700.

Mishki, Inc. is an existing formative-stage company building FINDMINE, a proprietary software-as-a-service application for retailers. FINDMINE offers extensive tools for merchandisers to review and approve sets created with algorithms or manually by other users, whereas competitors offerings do not allow merchandisers to intervene and edit what each customer will see. The company's technology uses the retailers' vision as an input to their algorithms, capturing how marketers and merchandisers envision customers using their products, rather than relying on customer behavior. The company will create 14 new jobs and invest $69,000.

Hudson Valley Community College– 47 new jobs

Cell-nique Corporation is a new company to New York State that will be relocating its headquarters from Connecticut. The company primarily produces 10 different food and beverage brands, ranging from organic drinks to allergen-free baking mixes. The company will create 18 new jobs and invest $300,000.

ChannelEyes Corporation is an existing software development company in Troy. The company has created a channel acceleration platform for vendors to connect with their partners. The platform drives improved real-time communication, new ways to engage, and dozens of purpose-built channel modules designed to increase partner loyalty and revenue. The company will create 18 new jobs and invest $50,000.

SimplyTel, LLC is a new company that designs and manufactures hardware and software for caregivers to communicate and remotely monitor elderly relatives living independently at home. The company’s senior-oriented hardware (a telephone-like device) and caregiver-oriented mobile platform (iOS & Android software apps) are to be distributed both in the U.S. & Canada. The company will create 11 new jobs and invest $400,000.

Fulton-Montgomery Community College – 32 new jobs

Mair Magaw Information Systems, LLC is an existing earth science technology firm in New York. After spending a year developing their products and business partnerships in India, New York and California, the early-stage company is ready to establish operations. The company has developed programs to forecast the intensity, timing and distribution of monsoons in India, produce distribution plans to deliver healthy, fresh food to areas in need and manage the movement of people for organizations, especially those seeking food and aid distribution from organizations providing emergency aid during a crisis. Mair Magaw will create 32 new jobs and invest $1,187,600.

Jamestown Community College - 31 new jobs

New Flyer of America Inc., the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the U.S. and Canada, is a new company to New York State. New Flyer is known for breaking new ground with the first low-floor bus, the first diesel-electric bus and, most recently, the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell fleet. The company plans to establish operations in Jamestown; and will create 31 new jobs and invest $1,598,000.

Long Island University – 24 new jobs

eParel, LLC is a new company that is in the testing phase of a web-based technology platform designed to help the hotel and hospitality industries be more efficient in their management of uniforms worn by employees. The company will provide its platform to hotels, restaurants and catering companies that will utilize the platform on a contract basis. The platform is designed to save its customers time and money by eliminating the need to order, launder, and distribute uniforms. eParel will create 24 new jobs.

Clinton Community College – 17 new jobs

Prelco U.S. Inc. is a new to New York State company opening a U.S. branch of a Canadian company that manufactures metal windows and doors for vehicles other than automotive (cars, trucks, etc.), such as recreational boats, buses and trains. The company will create 17 new jobs and invest $425,000.

Medgar Evers College (CUNY) – 16 new jobs

Soliddd Corp. is a formative stage technology company that is developing patent pending technologies to deliver 3D imaging without the use of special headgear or glasses (known as “autostereo”). The company is also developing software that converts images to virtual reality and autostereo 3D in multiple formats. The company will create 16 new jobs and invest $3.8 million.

Plattsburgh State University – 16 new jobs

Insum Solutions Corp. is an information technology company headquartered in Montreal that will be expanding into New York State. The company provides North American clients with professional services in the development of Oracle applications. The company will create 16 new jobs and invest $55,000.

Ulster Community College – 22 new jobs

Anchor ID, Inc. is an existing early-stage information technology company that has developed a multi-factor authentication platform for enterprises and small and medium sized businesses. Anchor ID's platform eliminates passwords for enterprise computer systems, providing a better user experience and high compliance. The company will create 15 new jobs and invest $75,000.

Up Homes is a formative stage company that will design, manufacture and sell modern, energy efficient and customizable manufactured and modular homes. Up Homes has identified a market niche not yet being addressed: affordable, modern, eco-friendly homes designed to national manufactured housing standards. The company will create seven new jobs and invest $575,000.

Villa Maria College – 12 new jobs

DAR Enterprises, LLC is a new multimedia company that uses augmented reality and virtual reality technology to generate online social spaces for stories to be shared. Users connect with others in spaces of collaboration to create expressions that can be seen using this technology. The company will create 12 new jobs and invest $79,000.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – 20 new jobs

Concarlo Holding, LLC is a new, early stage drug development company focused on a new therapeutic option for those with breast cancer classified as ER/PR+ HER2 positive. The company's technology is focused on a peptide (two or more amino acids bound in a chain) which has several phases of development and testing to create a clinically viable compound. The company is planning to do their investigational drug testing with contract research organizations. Concarlo Holding will create six new jobs and invest $115,000.

New York Huaqi Bioengineering is a newly formed biomedical research company developing a novel technology to grow and modify liver organ tissue for clinical use. The company will create five new jobs and invest $240,000.

Applied Biological Laboratories Inc. is an early stage biotech company committed to research, development, manufacturing and distribution of scientifically validated natural products that inhibit infection, allergic reaction and other adverse effects of major air-borne and ingested pathogens and allergens, while also augmenting the human body's natural defenses. The company will create nine new jobs and invest $330,000.

Dutchess County Community College – 7 new jobs

FlightLevel Dutchess, LLC is an existing aviation services company in NYS that owns and operates Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at the Dutchess County Airport. The company sells aviation fuels, and manages and leases hanger and ramp space for parking and storing aircraft. FlightLevel will expand by opening an aircraft maintenance operation at the airport and partnering with Dutchess Community College to offer an FAA certified A & P mechanics training program on the existing smaller fixed wing aircraft. The company will create seven new jobs an invest $310,000.

SUNY Oswego – 7 new jobs

Snow Dragon Corp. is a new to New York State company that will be the U.S. branch of its parent company, Cein Biotechnology Ltd. Co. of China. Cein has developed hardware and software technology to scan and analyze the vein structure of the human finger as an authentication technique with wide application opportunities in the banking, retail, education, medical and security industries. Snow Dragon was created to develop the second generation of the scanning and analysis technology in order to access Western markets. The company will create seven new jobs and invest $80,000.

Alfred State College – 5 new jobs

Belvac Production Machinery, Inc. will manufacture ceramic tooling to form metal beverage cans for use in other industrial ceramic applications. Belvac will expand its manufacturing operations of advanced ceramics. The company will create five new jobs and invest $1,025,000.

Farmingdale State College – 2 new jobs

Certerra Inc. is a biotechnology company that uses a proprietary PharmacomapTM method of screening neural activation across the entire brain for drug discovery in neuroscience. The PharmacomapTM method is applicable for screening of novel compounds being developed for a broad spectrum of brain disorders, including neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative ones, as well as repurposing of existing drugs. Certerra will create two new jobs and invest $500,000

START-UP NY provides businesses that create net new jobs in New York State with the opportunity to operate 100 percent tax-free for 10 years, paying no state income tax, business or corporate state or local taxes, sales tax, property tax or franchise fees. The companies also partner with the higher education institutions they are sponsored by, and have the ability to access industry experts and advanced research laboratories associated with the schools.

To date, 81 schools are participating in START-UP NY, establishing 600 Tax-Free Areas, representing over 6.1 million square-feet of tax-free space for new or expanding businesses to operate on or near campuses. Each college and university’s approved START-UP NY plan is available at

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