SUNY Chancellor King Announces System-Wide Fee Waiver for All AmeriCorps Alumni Applying to a SUNY Campus

October 26, 2023

15 SUNY Colleges and Universities Sign on As AmeriCorps Schools of National Service

Little Rock, AR – Addressing the Clinton Foundation's "AmeriCorps: 30 Years Forward" summit, State University of New York Chancellor John B. King, Jr. today announced 15 SUNY colleges and universities have been recognized as AmeriCorps "Schools of National Service" and SUNY has enacted a System-wide college application fee waiver for AmeriCorps alumni, who may apply up to seven SUNY campuses for a savings of $350.

AmeriCorps has provided a path to higher education for more than 1.25 million alumni who have earned over $4 billion in Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards to help pay for college. AmeriCorps provides opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to serve their country by improving the lives of individuals and uplifting communities. The summit marks the 30th anniversary of President Clinton signing the National and Community Trust Act of 1993 which laid the groundwork for AmeriCorps' creation.

"AmeriCorps provides a clear pathway to higher education for a diverse group of alumni who have dedicated their time to communities across the country—helping with natural disaster recovery, assisting with K-12 education and mentoring, fighting poverty and substance abuse, and much more. Alumni come to SUNY with a deeper appreciation of other cultures and a broader perspective that benefits our campuses in fostering greater diversity of thought and inclusion," said SUNY Chancellor King. "As a long-time advocate for AmeriCorps, I am proud of our system-wide fee application waiver for alumni and applaud our 15 SUNY institutions for being the first of many SUNY campuses to sign on as AmeriCorps Schools of National Service. AmeriCorps has been a pillar of community service in our country for 30 years, and we look forward to expanding our partnership to help make a college education possible for more AmeriCorps members."

This is the third recent announcement from Chancellor King about programs that will open up will open up civic education and engagement opportunities for students including: SUNY's Civic Education and Engagement and Civil Discourse Fellows and the FAFSA Completion Corps.

AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith said, "Since AmeriCorps was created 30 years ago, millions of Americans from all backgrounds have served billions of hours with AmeriCorps, giving back to their communities, and transforming lives from coast to coast. As the next generation of AmeriCorps members and alumni consider the possibility of college, it is only right that we support them on their journey as well. SUNY's announcement today deepens their commitment to community service and civic engagement. By joining more than 250 Schools of National Service, SUNY will bring the possibility of college in reach for even more young changemakers who are committed to lifting up and giving back to their communities."

Colleges and universities designated as a School of National Service have access to AmeriCorps network of over a million diverse alumni. These institutions reward those alumni with incentives to attend their college or university such as in-state tuition matches, scholarships, enrollment deferrals, and application fee waivers; all of which have been proven to eliminate barriers prospective students face when choosing to enroll in higher education.

In addition to waiving the college application fee, these SUNY institutions designated as Schools of National Service will offer AmeriCorps Alumni:

  • University at Albany: One-year enrollment deferral, priority admissions consideration, and $1,000 scholarship for up to five AmeriCorps alumni
  • University at Buffalo: One-year enrollment deferral and priority admissions consideration
  • Buffalo State University: Evaluated academic credit for experience, one-year enrollment deferral, and up to two alumni will qualify for the $5,000 Howe Community Service Scholarship
  • SUNY Cobleskill: Scholarships or fellowships, a one-year enrollment deferral, and evaluated academic credit for experience
  • SUNY Cortland: Priority admissions consideration, a one-year enrollment deferral, and two $1,000 scholarships or fellowships
  • SUNY ESF: One-year enrollment deferral for individuals
  • Genesee Community College: In-state tuition rate for out-of-state alumni
  • SUNY Geneseo: One-year enrollment deferral, Segal Education Award match with $1,000 in scholarship support
  • Jamestown Community College: In-state tuition rate for out-of-state alumni and a one-year enrollment deferral
  • SUNY Morrisville: $1,500 annual scholarship along with potential for additional merit and need- based scholarships, in-state tuition for out-of-state alumni, and priority admissions consideration
  • Niagara County Community College: Scholarships for tuition, expenses, and on-campus housing; in-state tuition for out-of-state alumni, one-year enrollment deferrals, and evaluated academic credit for experience
  • SUNY Oneonta: One-year enrollment deferral, up to five $1,000 scholarships to match the Segal Education Award, evaluation of service for potential academic credit
  • SUNY Oswego: One-year enrollment deferral
  • Purchase College: One-year enrollment deferral, priority admissions consideration, and dollar-to-dollar match of the Segal Education Award up to the half-time participation award amount
  • Stony Brook University: One-year enrollment deferral, priority admissions consideration, and $1,000 for three qualified alumni

Buffalo State University Interim President Bonita Durand said, "Buffalo State University is delighted to enhance our affiliations with AmeriCorps with our new designation as an AmeriCorps School of National Service. This designation is perfectly aligned with our mission as an urban engaged campus. The fee waiver for all AmeriCorp campuses also reinforces our commitment to access and opportunity for a broad and diverse population of students. We truly appreciated the efforts of the Clinton Foundation and our Chancellor in helping us to stay true to our vision as SUNY's premier comprehensive institution."

SUNY Cobleskill President Marion A. Terenzio said, "SUNY Cobleskill has always prioritized the importance of service to others as a means of positively affecting the cultural and economic forces at play in modern society. The designation as an AmeriCorps School of National Service further reinforces this value as a pillar of our institution and our commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of those who exemplify the value of community service in their own lives. We congratulate AmeriCorps on thirty years of guiding the health and well-being of our communities through service and enacting its vision for prosperity through empathic action with the world."

SUNY Cortland President Erik J. Bitterbaum said, "SUNY Cortland is honored to reward AmeriCorps alumni for their service and sacrifice. As the proud parent of a former AmeriCorps member, I saw firsthand the importance of their work. These individuals dedicate themselves to solving some of our nation's most pressing challenges in education, community health, environmental stewardship and many other areas. This motivation also aligns very well with the mission of our university's Institute for Civic Engagement. SUNY Cortland is proud to join SUNY's commitment to the AmeriCorps Schools of National Service initiative and to educate engaged citizens with a strong social conscience."

SUNY ESF President Joanie Mahoney said, "We're proud to be part of a higher education system that recognizes the value that AmeriCorps alumni can bring to our institution. Our mission at ESF is to Improve Our World, which is a perfect match for AmeriCorps alumni who are community-minded and have a drive to make a difference. We enthusiastically invite them to consider ESF as the place to continue their education and are happy to offer them incentives upon applying."

Genesee Community College President James Sunser said, "Genesee Community College is proud to support AmeriCorps alumni and is honored to be named an AmeriCorps School of National Service. Service to one's community is a core value at GCC, and is instilled in every member of our campus."

SUNY Geneseo President Denise Battles said, "SUNY Geneseo's inclusion on the AmeriCorps 'National Schools of Service' list fits with our mission and values as a college. For example, Geneseo earned first place in Washington Monthly's annual college rankings of more than 600 master's universities in the nation for contribution to the public good. We are proud to extend our mission of service through participation in AmeriCorps, providing opportunities for students who want to make a difference in their communities."

SUNY Morrisville President David Rogers said, "Improving lives and strengthening communities through service aligns with Morrisville's mission of hands-on, applied learning and we are delighted to have AmeriCorps alumni as current students. Providing an annual $1,500 scholarship along with in-state tuition and additional merit and need-based scholarships demonstrates our commitment to students who bring this experience and commitment to our community. We wholeheartedly welcome AmeriCorps alumni at Morrisville; you belong here."

Niagara County Community College President William J. Murabito said, "AmeriCorps alumni are role models for addressing challenges in some of our nation's most vulnerable communities. Niagara County Community College proudly meets their dedication to service with a commitment to preparing them for roles as tomorrow's civic leaders."

SUNY Oneonta President Alberto Cardelle said, "As an institution recognized for our commitment to community engagement and service, we will use this new designation to reach students who already exhibit leadership by giving their time to benefit others and who have demonstrated the altruistic nature that aligns with our culture. It is also a strategy that will help us expand the diversity of our student body and the lived experiences of our students. We are proud to acknowledge the merits and accomplishments of AmeriCorps alumni. SUNY Oneonta's mission highlights our commitment to nurturing an environment where students can ‘live purposefully,' and the AmeriCorps School of National Service designation is one more way we can work to fulfill that pursuit."

Purchase College President Milagros Peña said, "We hope that this partnership will attract new students to our campus from across the country who share our students' dedication to social justice and public service and commitment to effecting positive social change."

Stony Brook President Maurie McInnis said, "Stony Brook University's ongoing commitment to be a driver of opportunity for students from all backgrounds is an important mission of our university. We are pleased to partner with AmeriCorps as a School of National Service and want to recognize those volunteers from AmeriCorps for their civic engagement and community service. We remain focused on advancing the social mobility of our students, graduates and their families and we look forward to welcoming the three qualified alumni who will be selected to join our university community."

About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism, provides opportunities for Americans to serve their country domestically, address the nation's most pressing challenges, improve lives and communities and strengthen civic engagement. Each year, the agency places more than 200,000 AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in intensive service roles; and empowers millions more to serve as long-term, short-term or one-time volunteers. Learn more at AmeriCorps offers opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to be a part of the national service community, grow personally and professionally and receive benefits for their service. Learn how to get involved at

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