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Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer

If something unexpected takes you away from college prior to completion, it's good to have an associate degree in hand for the benefit of future employment opportunities.

Reverse transfer is for students who have already transferred to a SUNY four-year institution without having earned an associate degree at a SUNY community college. Reverse transfer allows students to transfer the credits they have earned at the SUNY four-year institution back to the SUNY community college, which can then review the courses that have been taken at the four-year institution and determine if the combination of credits earned at the community college and credits earned at the four-year institution meet the requirements for an associate degree.

Going to college makes you a more valuable commodity in the labor market—employers need you and they need your skills. In comparable jobs for the same years of schooling, an associate degree provides a higher starting salary and greater access to on-the-job training, which then can lead to several hundred thousand dollars more in lifetime career earnings. The associate degree and other degrees provide verification of your skills that is portable and accepted across the global economy.

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Reverse Transfer