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Partners in Micro-Credentials

Flexible Tools for Business, Community and P-12 Partners

Part of our ongoing commitment to New York State business and industry, our P-12 partners, and the communities in which we are located, SUNY microcredentials are designed to support partner-specific goals and more broadly, prepare the talented workforce of tomorrow. Microcredentials are academic credentials that verify the achievement of in-demand skills and competencies. They complement but differ from traditional degrees or certificates in that they are offered on flexible timeframes (online, in the classroom, on-site) and tend to be highly focused.

How Microcredentials Work

Each SUNY microcredential is designed to provide immediate work-force value. Our stackable microcredentials have the power to do even more; giving earners a pathway to an initial or advanced certificate or degree. Explore our new searchable directory to find out what microcredentials your nearby campus offers that connect to your existing needs. Work together with your SUNY campus partner to develop a microcredential that provides your current workforce with the skills they need to advance or shift to emerging needs.

Microcredentials are another way that SUNY can help to support your short- and long-term goals and the academic and career success of those who complete them. Remember, the majority of SUNY microcredentials come with academic credit that can be applied to an initial or advanced degree program. Now, training that you support can address immediate needs and put students on a pathway to gain additional credentials to help them advance. SUNY microcredentials can become a valuable part of your employee benefits program.  

Browse Current SUNY Microcredentials

SUNY offers more than 400 microcredentials in 60+ disciplinary areas—from business to healthcare, from criminal justice to education, from manufacturing to engineering technology, from computer science to criminal justice. Our microcredentials are comprised of leading-edge courses from our registered degree programs; innovative applied learning experiences (for which SUNY has set nationally recognized quality standards); industry certifications; and/or non-credit coursework. A microcredential could be three to four courses, or a series of workshops.

Addressing Today’s Challenges and Opportunities

SUNY microcredentials are unique in that they provide immediate, market-ready skills, and, wherever possible, also stack together with other microcredentials and learning opportunities to meet the requirements of an initial or advance certificate or degree. Microcredentials can be used as flexible vehicles to upskill incumbent workers, provide professional development or re-training and also give you the opportunity to put your employees on a pathway to or back to college.

Our business, P-12 and community microcredentials strongly consider today’s challenges and opportunities, working to:

Our goal is to provide supportive career and academic pathways for adult learners.

Our Commitment to Quality

All of SUNY’s microcredentials are designed to be:

Questions? Want to talk about the development of customized microcredentials? Please do not hesitate to contact us today.