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The Artificial Intelligence Multiprocessing Optimized System, AiMOS, was launched in 2019 by a unique partnership between New York State, IBM, RPI and SUNY. With 8 peta-flops configured to enable exploration of new AI applications, AiMOS is the most powerful supercomputer in the State of New York. Located at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, it serves as test bed for the New York State-IBM Research AI Hardware Center and is accessible to faculty and students from SUNY to conduct research.

SUNY researchers interested in using AiMOS should send inquiries to aimos@suny.edu.

SUNY research projects leveraging the power of AiMOS span a broad set of topics including  multi-scale modeling of blood platelet dynamics, deep learning of variation and regulatory networks in budding yeast, machine learning for genomics, simulating the SARS-CoV-2 spike activation mechanism, RNA sequencing analysis of viral infections, prediction of ADHD and co-morbidities using MRI, media forensics and deepfake detection, and inverse materials design.

SUNY AiMOS Projects Spotlight

Yuefan Deng headshot
Yuefan Deng
Stony Brook University
IPDyna: Intelligent Platelet Dynamics Multiscale Modeling
Siwei Lyu headshot
Siwei Lyu
University at Albany
Media Forensics and DeepFake Detection
Mark E. Schmitt headshot
Mark E. Schmitt
Upstate Medical University
Remote Homology Detection in Microsporidia on AiMOS with HH-suite3
Peng Zhang headshot
Peng Zhang
Stony Brook University
Scalable Multiscale Simulator for Platelet Mediated Thrombosis