EIP 2017-18 RFP Archive

Empire Innovation Program 2017-18 RFP

The Empire Innovation Program (SUNY EIP) is a state-funded grant program designed to help recruit and retain world-class faculty at the State University of New York (SUNY). The program aims to expand SUNY’s research enterprise by building on existing research strengths in areas that SUNY has established capacity and realizing significant growth through additional investments in human capital to establish SUNY as a leader in those areas and strengthen SUNY’s research leadership overall.

The SUNY EIP program is designed to leverage existing campus research strengths to grow SUNY’s capacity as the go-to partner for state, federal, industrial and philanthropic research support in areas that address pressing societal challenges. The opportunity to seek funding for cutting-edge research efforts is now open. Priority areas for this funding cycle include

All SUNY four-year campuses, including statutory colleges and those currently receiving SUNY EIP funding, are eligible to submit a proposal under this RFP.


Proposal submission deadline is January 15, 2018, by 5 p.m. Materials should be submitted via e-mail to


Empire Innovation Program