New York State Cradle to Career Alliance - Enhance, Engage, Educate


Education is a lifelong experience that begins well before a child sets foot in a classroom and continues long past cap-and-gown commencement.  New York State Cradle to Career’s collective effort employs significant investments of time engaging the talent and treasures of a statewide network of public and private supporters who enhance student success every step of the way—because a better future for New York state’s youth means a better future for New York State.

In addition to the essential work of ensuring every child’s success from cradle to career, the Alliance is also empowered to advance the transformation of New York State’s educational infrastructure by informing public understanding of collective impact theory as a means to social and economic change through policy work and advocacy at a state level.  We not only support education through our work with our partners, but we also serve as educators of the greater community as to the benefits of collective impact initiatives.  As more of those with influence see the benefits of cross-sector collaboration, we will be better positioned to work toward even greater levels of student success and community engagement, leading to limitless benefits for New York State and those who live and work—and stay—here.

Cradle to Career