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Color Palette

Color Palette & Typeface

Primary Color Palette

PMS 287 CMYK: RGB: 0.76.147 LAB: 30.-5.-48 HEX: #004C93
PMS Cyan CMYK: RGB: 0.158.224 LAB: 57.-44.-52 HEX: #009EE0
PMS 424 CMYK: RGB: 132.134.135 LAB: 56.-1.-2 HEX: #838687

Secondary Color Palette

PMS 108 CMYK:  RGB: 255.229.18 LAB: 91.-4.87 HEX: #FFE512
PMS 165 CMYK: RGB: 255.102.0 LAB: 66.38.68 HEX: #F56600
PMS 226 CMYK: RGB: 236.9.141 LAB: 48.80.-3 HEX: #EC098D
PMS 259 CMYK: RGB: 120.29.126 LAB: 29.50.-29 HEX: #781D7E
PMS 361 CMYK: RGB: 84.185.72 LAB: 63.-43.55 HEX: #54B948


AauxProOT is the preferred typeface to be used for all branded materials. Bold weights are used for headlines and regular weights are used for body copy. Select use of italic and thin typefaces are permitted to provide emphasis.

To purchase the typeface below go to:

In the event that AauxProOT is not available, it is acceptable to use Arial as a secondary typeface.

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