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EOP Financial Information Forms

EOP Financial Information Forms

Students who request consideration for SUNY’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) on their application for admission must complete an EOP Financial Eligibility Review screening to determine whether you meet the EOP financial eligibility requirements. You will be directed to the EOP Financial Eligibility Review portal after indicating your interest for consideration for EOP admission and have completed the application for admission, whether using the SUNY application, the Common application or applying to a SUNY campus that uses their own campus application for admission. Please monitor your inbox for these important instructions.

Please note: The online SUNY Financial Eligibility Review must be completed only once and information will be shared with all campuses you have applied to for admission within the EOP Financial Eligibility Review portal.

* = Requires EOP Essay

Accepts SUNY Form

Requires Campus Form

SUNY Application
Common Application
Campus Application

* = Requires EOP Essay