New York State Cradle to Career Alliance Hosts Statewide Convening

July 31, 2013

Chancellor Zimpher, Strive Executive Director Jeff Edmondson Congratulate 11 Participating NYS Communities

New York City — State University of New York Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher, Strive Executive Director Jeff Edmondson, and New York State Cradle to Career Alliance Executive Director Vanessa Threatte today announced that 11 New York State communities have begun to implement the Strive framework in a coordinated effort to better serve children and students at every stage of the education pipeline, from cradle to career.

Nearly 130 community partners, school leaders, higher education representatives, business professionals, and friends of cradle-to-career networks throughout New York attended an annual convening held by the Alliance today in New York City to engage with one another and with national experts in the field as they advance their work.

“As educators, administrators, community service providers, and employers, we have a responsibility to ensure that every child in New York has access to a quality public education that will put them on a path toward success in school, through college, and into a career,” said Chancellor Zimpher. “By working with one another to collectively support children in and out of school, we are giving today’s students a competitive edge and building a stronger civic infrastructure for all of New York.”

“The broad interest, participation, and commitment shown by these leaders will have a long lasting and sustained positive impact on the improvement of public education and community services throughout New York,” said Edmondson. “Congratulations to Chancellor Zimpher and the many community partners here who have embraced the Strive methodology to unite on behalf of the children they serve.”

SUNY has helped three New York communities launch cradle-to-career networks, in the cities of Albany and Rochester, and in rural Clinton County, and is working with school and community officials in Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Yonkers, the Mohawk Valley, Broome County, South Bronx, and on Long Island, to do the same.

The Alliance – the nation’s first to coordinate cradle-to-career efforts on a statewide scale – was launched earlier this year and serves as a central support system for networks throughout New York and works with interested communities to develop new cradle-to-career partnerships.

“It is a pleasure supporting each of these developing partnerships and appreciating the nuances of how they approach this work,” said Threatte. “Every partnership is different and that’s what is so terrific about this solution. The cradle-to-career framework is disciplined in its use of data and expectation of quality, yet completely adaptable to the needs and visions of each community. We look forward to continuing bringing this work to scale so that every student in New York can benefit.”

Building upon the comprehensive work within SUNY to strengthen the education pipeline, the Alliance provides cradle-to-career partnerships with technical assistance while supporting cross-sector leaders and related staff to help them adopt the Strive methodology and its disciplined approach to sustaining a cradle to career network over time. It will also support the collection, management, analysis, and reporting of data that these networks use to drive their actions and efforts to continuously improve what works for children and youth in each community.

Capturing lessons learned from each partnership and sharing them broadly with leaders across the state, the Alliance will work to ensure that common pitfalls are avoided and successes scaled to expedite each community's development of a civic infrastructure. The Alliance will also launch an advocacy agenda to ensure that policies are in place to support network sites and to engage leaders and funders to support strategies that work.

Since its start in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in 2006, Strive’s innovative cradle-to-career sustained-improvement approach has been initiated or fostered in communities in 34 states, in the District of Columbia, and internationally.  

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