Governor Cuomo Announces 18 More Businesses Choose to Create New Jobs In New York State Under START-UP NY

January 28, 2015

From the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo


73 Businesses Have Committed to Create More Than 2,400 New Jobs since Joining START-UP NY

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 18 more businesses will expand or locate in New York State as a result of START-UP NY. These 18 companies are projected to invest more than $12 million and have committed to create at least 295 new jobs over the next five years in tax-free areas sponsored by the University at Buffalo, SUNY Canton, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Schenectady County Community College, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Plattsburgh State University and Stony Brook University.

“Today is another example of how START-UP NY is providing a critical boost to local economies across the State,” Governor Cuomo said. “By offering new companies the opportunity to operate tax-free alongside our first-class universities and talented workforce, this program is attracting significant private sector investments and creating hundreds of new jobs for New Yorkers. I am proud to welcome these latest companies under the START-UP NY banner, and I look forward to seeing them grow and thrive in the Empire State well into the future.”

This latest group of companies joining the program brings the total number of businesses participating in START-UP NY to 73, representing commitments to create more than 2,400 new jobs and invest more than $104 million in communities throughout the state. The START-UP NY businesses expanding in or locating to the Empire State will create jobs in several key industries, including biotechnology research and development, advanced manufacturing, advanced medical equipment, information technology, and systems and software development.

The latest 18 businesses to join the START-UP NY program are: ACV Auctions, Inc.; Adirondack Operations, LLC; Anschel Technology, Inc.; Asana Medical, Inc.; Aset Therapeutics, LLC; AzurRx BioPharma, Inc.; Cloud62, Inc.; Energy Intelligence, LLC; Eye-in Media; Genetesis, LLC; HemoGenyx, LLC; Infonaut Holdings, Inc.; KeepUp, Inc.; LED Spirit, Inc.; NE Innovation, LLC; Raland Therapeutics, Inc.; SureDone, Inc.; and Windsor Wood USA, LLC

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Kenneth Adams said, “With 18 more businesses joining Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY program, we already have commitments from companies to create thousands of new jobs throughout New York State. By improving the business climate and facilitating innovative public private partnerships, START-UP NY is proving to be a powerful tool for fostering economic development and that’s good news for all New Yorkers."

SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher said, “Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY program has positioned SUNY as the most innovative and attractive academic partner for businesses across the country. This significant expansion is further proof that New York’s unique potential to train tomorrow’s workforce and bring technological and industrial innovations to scale from Buffalo to Brooklyn is an economic recipe for success. We look forward to working with the Governor to continue to provide our students and faculty with the experiences, jobs, and research opportunities they need to help carry the Empire State into the new global economy.”

Additional details about the latest businesses approved for START-UP NY follow:

University at Buffalo – 164 net new jobs

ACV Auctions, Inc. is a new company that has developed a mobile based business to business application (app) that will enable dealers in the automotive industry to auction autos quickly by simply using the app-based technology. The service enables independent dealers to gain direct access to trade-in inventory in real-time, allowing them to stock their dealerships in a more efficient manner. ACV Auctions Inc. will locate to the Z80 Labs incubator and create 23 net new jobs while investing $50,000.

Asana Medical, Inc. is an early stage medical device company that is new to New York State. The company, currently based in Florida, has developed a first-in-class tissue engineered therapy for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. The company will locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovation Center and create two net new jobs while investing $5,000.

Cloud62, Inc. is a New York State Incubator graduate that provides computer systems design services. The company acts as a service partner for to help their customers utilize the platform to the fullest potential. Additionally, they are building a hospitality software suite on the Salesforce platform to help clubs and customers manage their business in the cloud. The company will locate to the Gateway Building and create 35 jobs while investing $48,000.

Energy Intelligence, LLC is an early stage business that is new to New York State. The company, currently based in Massachusetts, has developed an ultra-compact energy harvesting technology to generate electricity from the motion of vehicles. Energy Intelligence is developing ultra-compact, road-mounted technology that is intended for use at slowdown points, like parking garage entrances, toll plazas, and weigh stations, and can directly power equipment onsite to reduce electricity expenses. The company will locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovations Center and create 14 net new jobs while investing $157,000.

Genetesis, LLC is a new to New York State medical biotechnology company, currently based in Ohio that is developing a device to measure electrochemical activity through the skin. The device will combine the measurements with data analytics comparing the patient profile with known disorders of the body's electrophysiology such as heart arrhythmias to test the effectiveness of drugs and better match treatments with individual patient profiles. The company will locate to Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovations Center and create 11 net new jobs while investing $70,000.

HemoGenyx, LLC is a new biotechnology company that is developing a patented new treatment for blood diseases leveraging a special class of cells, which can generate cancer-free blood stem cells that will increase the efficacy of bone marrow transplants, eliminating the need for donors. The company will locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovations Center and create seven net new jobs while investing $180,000.

Infonaut Holdings, Inc. is a Canadian public health consulting business founded in Toronto in 2006 and is a new business to New York State. Since developing expertise during the SARS crisis, the company has specialized in providing data analysis and services for advanced disease surveillance solutions for the purpose of controlling and stopping disease and infections. The company’s clients include hospitals and public health agencies. Infonaut Holdings will locate to the Jacobs Institute and create 10 net new jobs while investing $139,500.

KeepUp, Inc. is a new mobile application company that aggregates users’ social channels into one newsfeed. The target market will be users of global smartphone and social media. The company will locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovations Center and create seven net new jobs while investing $75,500.

LED Spirit, Inc. is an early stage research company that is new to New York State. Originally formed in Nevada, LED Spirit has developed an LED lighting technology for indoor and outdoor applications that is highly energy efficient, long lasting, low cost, and easily manufactured by eliminating the use of a printed circuit board. The company will locate to the Gateway Building in Buffalo and create 37 net new jobs while investing $6,775,000.

NE Innovation, LLC (NEI) is a new research and development company formed to develop technology for performance enhancing smart textiles and protective textiles used to manufacture apparel and accessories for athletics and extreme sports. The company will locate at the Baird Research Park Incubator and create three net new jobs while investing $38,500.

Raland Therapeutics, Inc. is a new bio-device company that is developing an implantable biosensor which utilizes living cells to allow for improved chemotherapy treatment for patients with cancer. The company will locate at Buffalo Niagara Medical Center’s Innovations Center and create 15 net new jobs while investing $1,165,000.

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry – 40 net new jobs

Windsor Wood USA, LLC is a new manufacturer of proprietary wood products. The company will apply a “black box” process to hardwoods to create a stronger, more flexible, and virtually unbreakable wooden material which will be used in a variety of manufacturing applications, including sports-related products (wooden bats, lacrosse sticks, field hockey sticks, etc.), lifestyle products, architectural mill work products, auto interiors and others. The company will locate to the Salina Industrial Powerpark, and create 40 net new jobs while investing $2.2 million.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – 35 net new jobs

AzurRx BioPharma, Inc. is a new biotechnology company with the rights to develop a product for treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis for the North American market. The company will locate to the Downstate Biotechnology Incubator and create 35 net new jobs while investing $1.15 million.

Schenectady County Community College – 26 net new jobs

SureDone, Inc. is an existing information technology company based in New York City that has developed a multi-channel e-commerce platform enabling retailers to sell products, sync inventory and fulfill orders on channels such as eBay, Amazon, Google and other online retailers. The company, which will retain its existing operations in New York City, will expand to Schenectady and create 26 net new jobs while investing $45,000.

Plattsburgh State University – 17 net new jobs

Eye-in Media is a new to New York State business currently based in Canada that will expand its operations from Quebec to Plattsburgh. The company uses information technology in the outdoor advertising of cutting-edge multi-media solutions (digital signage, digital menu-boards, and Wi-Fi Networks) that enable marketers to broadcast dynamic content across unlimited locations on screens or mobile devices. The company will locate to the Plattsburgh State University campus and create 17 net new jobs.

Stony Brook University – 7 net new jobs

Anschel Technology, Inc. is a formative stage business that was established to manufacture a new medical device invented by the founder of the company. The company will continue to develop and sell the SightSaver Visual Stimulator – a patented device used during eye surgery to prevent post-operative blindness. The company will locate to the Long Island High Technology Incubator and create five net new jobs while investing $225,000.

Aset Therapeutics, LLC is a new biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for treatment of brain tumors and non-small cell lung cancer. Founded by a former Chief Science Officer of OSI Pharmaceuticals, the company will locate to the Long Island High Technology Incubator and create two net new jobs while investing $25,000.

SUNY Canton – 6 net new jobs

Adirondack Operations, LLC is an existing environmental consulting services company that will expand onto the SUNY Canton campus. The company is certified to conduct asbestos building surveys, asbestos abatement design and project monitoring/air monitoring services, and they also provide lead paint inspections, PCB building surveys and construction administration services. Adirondack Operations is proposing to develop a new division and product offerings focused on the construction industry and hazardous material tracking; specifically, the company will develop a new process and tracking system to survey for hazardous materials in buildings prior to construction and renovation. The company is currently located in Croghan, Lewis County and their existing operation will remain there as they expand onto the SUNY Canton campus and create six net new jobs while investing $25,400.


START-UP NY seeks to accelerate entrepreneurialism and job creation across the state on a large scale, with a particular focus on Upstate New York. Under the program, businesses sponsored by participating colleges and universities that create net new jobs will operate 100 percent tax-free for 10 years, paying no state income tax, business or corporate state or local taxes, sales tax, property tax or franchise fees. The companies will have opportunities to partner with the higher education institutions, as well as access industry experts and advanced research laboratories associated with the schools.

To date, 63 schools have been approved for START-UP NY, including four CUNY and 15 private institutions, establishing more than 350 tax-free areas for new or expanding businesses to operate on or near campus. Each school’s approved START-UP NY plan is available at

START-UP NY includes strong provisions to protect against fraud. Businesses are required to submit certification to ESD, and falsifying certifications is a felony. The program also includes strict provisions to guard against abuses such as shifting jobs among related entities or “shirtchanging,” when a company simply reincorporates under a new name and claims its existing employees are now new jobs. In addition, START-UP NY includes measures to prevent self-dealing and conflicts of interest. In cases of fraud, the State is empowered to claw-back benefits granted to the business. Companies that do not meet the terms of the program – including meeting their job creation targets – may have their benefits reduced, suspended or terminated. ESD has the authority to review company data to ensure that jobs have been created and maintained, and to end participation by companies that have not created net new jobs.

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