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Degree Planning Tools

Transforming Academic Advising with Degree Works

Students at SUNY have an opportunity to use a customized version of Degree Works, a web-based, degree planning and auditing software that will allow parents, faculty advisors, and admissions counselor to quickly see how far along a student is toward completing degree requirements and to see how that status may vary depending on the institution or degree program they select.

This powerful tool enables students to quickly see their progress toward degree completion at their "home" or even at a potential "transfer" campus via a user-friendly online tool. Likewise, faculty advisors and admissions counselors have a terrific new resource to assist them in guiding students about next steps.

The vision:

Why does it matter?

Research on student success shows that college students are more likely to complete a degree in a timely fashion if they:

Academic planning is a key challenge for students, impacting time-to-degree, cost, and most importantly, degree completion:

Degree Works can help by pulling together all of the necessary information for academic planning into a single, interactive software solution.

New functionality developed by SUNY called ‘Student Outcome Tracking’ provides warnings to students if they make course selections that may adversely impact their Financial Aid. This will help keep students on track and on budget to complete their degrees successfully

Progress to Date:

Currently, training is complete and IT infrastructure has been created for all participating [1] SUNY campuses (58).

[1] The following campuses are not participating in Degree Works: Alfred University, NYS College of Ceramics, the four NYS statuory colleges at Cornell, and SUNY Optometry.  Students at the statutory colleges at Cornell and Ceramics use the student systems of the host private institutions. The registration, planning, etc. is integrated with the private students at these institutions. Optometry does not have undergraduate students, and at present, these advising tools are only being implemented for undergraduate programs.

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