Smart Track - Empowered Financial Planning

Paying for College

A college education is an investment in your future, and it's hard to find a better educational value than SUNY.  New York is actually one of the few states actively investing in higher education – starting with SUNY.  And, as a result, many of our campuses have been named outstanding in a variety of categories including America’s Best Colleges and Most Selective Public Universities in the Nation. 

When you compare SUNY’s tuition and fees to national averages, the value of a SUNY education is clear - our tuition and fees are among the lowest and most competitive in the nation.  Approximately 75% of all full-time SUNY undergraduate students receive financial aid, and there are many Federal, State, and College financial aid programs to help students meet the costs of attending college.   

Because it is important for students to clearly see the bottom line on college costs, we’re committed to transparency regarding the financial commitments of attending our campuses.

smart track logo 300x106‌That is why we created Smart Track®, a collection of resources - including our SUNY Net Price Calculator - designed to help students and families understand college costs and develop a financial plan for the future.  It’s just another reason why SUNY is a smart investment and a sound economical decision.