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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 305







Granting of further adjustments


Payment of further adjustments



§ 305.1 Definitions.

(a) The term chancellor shall mean the chancellor of State University.

(b) The term chief administrative officer shall mean that person having the power to appoint or recommend the appointment of persons in the professional service.

(c) The term base salary shall mean the salary that the individual was receiving at the conclusion of the preceding academic year.

(d) The term further adjustment shall mean a salary increase permitted in accordance with paragraph g of subdivision 8 of section 355-a of the Education Law.

(e) The term eligible employee shall mean the incumbent of any position in a salary grade established by paragraph a of subdivision 3 of section 355-a of the Education Law.

§ 305.2 Granting of further adjustments.

(a) A chief administrative officer may grant a further adjustment of not to exceed two increments in any year beginning July 1, to any eligible employee, provided however that such further adjustment, together with any other changes of the base salary permitted or required, shall not exceed 10 per cent of the base salary. In no case shall the base salary, together with such further adjustment and any other changes of the base salary permitted or required other than salary adjustments for changes in professional obligations exceed the maximum of the salary grade of the position.

(b) The chancellor, upon recommendation of the chief administrative officer, may approve, for any eligible employee, a further adjustment resulting in a salary increase of more than 10 per cent of the base salary, provided however that except for salary adjustments for changes in professional obligation, such approval shall not result in an annual salary in excess of the maximum salary rate of the grade of such eligible employee.

§ 305.3 Payment of further adjustment.

Any further adjustment granted or approved pursuant to section 305.2 of this Part shall be paid from monies appropriated for such purpose to State University, or from any monies otherwise available to State University.

§ 305.4 Administration.

The chancellor is hereby authorized to provide for the administration of these regulations.