Research at SUNY transforms lives. From medicine and renewable energy to social science and technology, our groundbreaking contributions are changing the world and propelling our state and country to the forefront of discovery and innovation. With the largest, most comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country and a multitude of influential centers and institutes, we help power New York State’s economy while making an impact across the globe.

Open minds and open inquiry are key components in the life-changing advancements of our interdisciplinary, pioneering research efforts. The Research Foundation for SUNY supports nearly $1 billion in research activity annually, empowering our faculty and students change and improve lives in such areas as engineering and nanotechnology; physical sciences and energy; social sciences; life sciences and medicine; and computer and information sciences. Our campuses are home to a network of centers and institutes that specialize in and contribute to a wide array of policy issues and fields of research.

At SUNY, we are solving problems, creating solutions, and improving our world. Join us.
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