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New York State Master Teacher Program

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The deadline to submit the completed application for the NYS Master Teacher Program is Saturday, September 20th, 11:59pm.  

On April 14, 2014, Governor Cuomo welcomed 215 additional educators  to the Master Teacher Program. These outstanding STEM teachers have been recognized for their commitment to professional growth and excellence in the classroom. Master Teachers are leaders in their educational communities and are dedicated to working as mentors to pre- and early-career teachers. See the full list of Master Teachers online.

The NYSMTP celebrates the work of the highest-performing STEM teachers by establishing an expert community dedicated to developing expertise in the areas of content, pedagogy, and students’ families and communities. Introducing motivated teachers to like-minded professionals and high-quality growth experiences keeps our best teachers in the classroom. Inspiring our state’s best teachers and rewarding their efforts ultimately attracts talented students into careers in STEM fields, including STEM education. 

“The Master Teacher Program allows for our best classroom leaders to share their expertise with their peers, furthering student success and helping to build the foundation for college readiness and the skilled workforce that will keep New York competitive in the 21st century global economy."

Chancellor Zimpher

Modeled after the successful Math for America (MfA) program currently operating in New York City and other sites nationwide, Master Teachers:


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Master Teacher Program
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