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Apply to the Master Teacher Program

Apply to the Master Teacher Program

We are delighted that you are interested in joining a professional network of outstanding STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) teachers. To be eligible for this program, you must be a certified NYS public secondary school teacher with 4 years of experience teaching STEM subjects.

The application period for the NYS Master Teacher Program closed on March 25, 2017.

What defines a Master Teacher?

There are three areas of ability and commitment to growth that are essential to successful participation in the Master Teacher community: content knowledge, pedagogy, and a deep understanding of students. Master Teachers are strong classroom teachers with clear goals for further developing their breadth and depth in all of these areas.

Successful applications include specific evidence of your deep mastery of and goals for growth in each of the three NYSMTP knowledge domains in all of the application components:

What do Master Teachers do?

As program participants, Master Teachers make a commitment to engage in professional development (PD) work in addition to their regular school responsibilities. Master Teachers meet regularly (evenings and weekends) to participate in activities that lead to individual and collective professional growth.

Please review the download "Master Teacher Participation Requirements" before beginning your application.


To be eligible for the New York State Master Teacher program, you must:

The NYSMTP is extending its professional network to include eligible NYS STEM teachers with particular training and expertise to support STEM instruction for students that have been designated dual language or ESL/ELL students, or special education. To this end, we encourage applications from NYS teachers who are certified in a STEM content area, and who currently work full-time in public secondary schools with a minimum of four years of experience teaching STEM subjects and

Admissions criteria include:

Please know that only complete applications are reviewed for admission. Past applicants have found the transcripts and letters of recommendation to require the most time; please plan accordingly so that all the required application materials are submitted by the application deadline.

The NYSMTP staff is committed to helping you navigate the application process. If after reviewing the information on this website, you have additional questions, email the staff at Due to the great interest in the NYSMTP, please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your email.

General FAQ

I live in a different region from the school district where I work – which region should I apply to?

You must apply to the region in which you work. No exceptions will be made. 

Which region is my school district in?

Please see the school district/county/region list in the Additonal Documents section below if you are unsure of which region your school is in.

How much time will I have to spend? What activities will I have to do? When will they be?

See the information in the Master Teacher Participation Requirements, “What Does Being a Master Teacher Entail”.

I teach social studies/English – can I apply?

The NYS Master Teacher Program is only for teachers in STEM subject areas. There are no plans to expand it to other subject areas at this time. 

I applied in a previous round…

…do I have to re-do my entire application?
All applicants are required to create a new application ID and file. If you are re-applying you must also create a new ID. There are questions on the application for you to indicate if you have already sent official transcripts and your Praxis score.

…do I have to write a new personal statement and get new recommendations?
You are welcome to re-submit your personal statement if it is a response to the prompt on the application, if you wish, but you will want to make sure that all components of your application reflect the height of your talents in content, pedagogical skill and engagement of students.  

Recommenders will not upload a letter. The recommendation is a short questionnaire to be completed that will be sent to the individuals you identify in the recommendations section of your online application.

…can I get feedback on a past application?
We do provide an opportunity for feedback about your application if you are considering submitting for the next round of admissions. We won’t be able to discuss specific details of your application, but if you are interested, please email and a staff member will get in touch with you about the feedback process.  

Are all regions accepting applications?

Please check the NYS MTP website,, for updated information about admissions rounds for each region.

When is the application deadline?

The application period for the NYS Master Teacher Program closed on March 25, 2017. We are not currently accepting applications. 

Praxis® Subject Assessments FAQ
(formerly the Praxis II® Content Exams)

What is the Praxis exam and why do I need to take it?

The NYS Master Teacher Program is dedicated to ensuring that all Master Teachers have a strong knowledge of STEM disciplines. To determine content knowledge, the Screening Committee reviews Praxis exam scores in addition to all application materials.

I took my state certification and content exams – do I still need to take a Praxis exam?


Which Praxis exam do I need to take?

The NYS Master Teacher Program application requires a Praxis® Subject Assessments FAQ (formerly the Praxis II® Content Exams) that is listed on the Praxis Exam Guide below. Applicants should register to take the exam in the subject that they primarily teach and that they select in their application.  The application process equally regards content knowledge, pedagogical skill and engagement of students, so we recommend that you take the exam that will best demonstrate your mastery of content.  Information on what is covered on specific exams can be found using the preparation materials section on the ETS website

I teach more than one subject, which Praxis exam should I take?

You should take the test in the area for which you will be applying to the program. If you make it to the in-person interview stage of the process, you will be asked to make a 10-minute presentation in your content area. Since the application process regards content knowledge, pedagogy and understanding of your students equally, you should consider applying in the area where you can best demonstrate mastery of content and take the associated Praxis exam.

Should I take the computer or paper exam?

We recommend the computer-delivered exam, for which you will receive your score immediately upon completion. They are also offered more frequently and registration can be completed up until a few days before the first date of the exam period. 

I tried to register for an exam and there were none available before the program deadline.

Paper exam registration may no longer be available, but computer-delivered exams are being offered in the required time period. Click here for computer-delivered test dates.

What exam should I take if I am a technology/engineering teacher?

In response to this question, we researched degree programs in technology and engineering and found that the strongest programs require Calculus I, Physics I, and Chemistry I. 

For this reason, we recommend that technology and engineering teachers take the Math Content Knowledge Exam. The NYS Master Teacher Program seeks to reward, support, and retain teachers with a strong knowledge of mathematics or science. You’ll notice from the list of accepted Praxis exams that they are exclusively ­content­ exams, not education exams.

How do I sign up for and take the Praxis exam?

Visit to register for the Praxis exam. Download an exam guide to help in your preparation. Be sure to list the New York State Master Teacher Program as a score recipient using our state/agency code 7780. It is the applicant’s responsibility to take the Praxis exam by the application deadline.

Do I have to take the Praxis exam before submitting my online application?

All applicants must take the exam by the required deadline for the application cycle. You may submit the online application prior to taking the exam.  When registering for the exam, be sure to list the New York State Master Teacher Program as a score recipient using our state/agency code 7780. It is the applicant’s responsibility to take the Praxis exam by the application deadline, and to ensure that the NYSMTP is a score recipient.  

What is an acceptable Praxis score?

Your Praxis Content Knowledge exam score is one of many components considered in your NYS Master Teacher Program application. Below is a list of recommended score ranges for the various Content Knowledge exams. Please note that a score within your subject’s range does not guarantee admission.

  • Biology: 157-200
  • Chemistry: 160-200
  • Computer Science: 150-200
  • Earth and Space Sciences: 158-200
  • General Science: 166-200
  • Mathematics: 156-200
  • Physics: 153-200

Additional Documents and Information:

Praxis Reimbursement Forms are available when the NYSMTP is accepting applications.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the NYS Master Teacher Program office at

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