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State Relations

State Relations

The SUNY Office of State Relations is responsible for the formulation of the University′s state legislative program, state budget strategies,and policy issue development. The Office of State Relations heads up SUNY's advocacy efforts with the State Legislature, the Executive Branch, other state agencies and local governments.


Stacey Hengsterman
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government Relations

James J. Campbell
Director of Legislative Relations

Teare VanDenburgh - Email

Postal Address:

Office of University Relations
SUNY System Administration
SUNY Plaza
Albany, New York 12246
518-320-1559 (fax)


Find Your Elected Representative

The NYS Board of Elections will assist you in identifying your local state Senator, Assembly member or member of Congress. By simply providing the information requested, you will be able to obtain the name of your elected officials and their district number.


Government Relations