In-state tuition for students displaced by Hurricanes Maria & Irma

“Attending FIT was a legacy for me from my mother so I was devastated when I learned I might not continue because my father’s business in Puerto Rico was severely impacted by Hurricane Maria. I am very thankful to Governor Cuomo, SUNY, and President Brown for making it financially possible for me to continue my education.”

- Sofia Lugo, Fashion Institute of Technology

The impact of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma on the citizens of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands has been and continues to be dramatic. Many are displaced from their homes and struggling to rebuild. SUNY is doing what it can to help.

SUNY is now working with its state-operated campuses to ensure all displaced students receive the in-state tuition rate. The SUNY Board of Trustees has also encouraged the boards of trustees of its community colleges and statutory colleges at Cornell University and Alfred Ceramics to take similar action, and many have.

You can view a copy of the resolution adopted by the SUNY Board for full details

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